Its Time Now to Act Smart – Smart Pen

If you are one of those persons who have to write so many notes like students and reporters, then you must consider using a latest gadget named as smart pen. This smart pen is really a smart gadget as it can make your life extremely easy by providing you the right assistance at the right time. The best thing about this pen is that it can record what you speak while writing. So, now you can easily keep records without much ado, as smart pen will help you in this regard.

Smart pens are just as effective as smart phone. Both of them give you the best value for your money by making things extremely convenient to deal with. Here, it is pertinent to mention that if you will go with Livescribe smart pen, you will be enjoying a good-looking smart pen with anodized aluminum housing. Along with this compact design, it offers some of the most sophisticated features as well. Actually, it comes with a potential of handling most difficult task. It is all about good hardware and Livescribe smart pen comes with remarkable hardware. For instance, it comes with a Samsung ARM 9 processor, which is the reason behind its performance. You can also find 96×18 OLED Display along with High-speed infrared camera, which can take more than 70 images within a second. This surely is an impressive part of the whole story. For storage, you can go with 2GB NAND, which means that recording, can be done for 200 minutes. It also offers a 300-mAH rechargeable lithium battery, but, it is not removable, which is a downfall, for sure. This smart pen also offers you as many as 100 sheet dot papers to use with your pen. That’s actually another annoying thing about this pen that you can only use it with the specially designed paper. Finally, it comes with a software package, which helps you to manage every thing in the perfect way.

All in all, it can be said that this smart phone is smart enough to assist you while collecting notes. Now, you will not be missing any important word as this pen will help you to gather everything. It surely is a nice gadget that you must consider buying. If you are associated with the writing job, then you will surely find it worth spending few dollars.

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