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jZip? Yet ANOTHER compression program?

Indeed that is the case – with this program in particular, you’ll get the most simplicity out of dealing with extraction tasks that can be considered to be something that you would perform on your computer on a daily basis. You download something that’s packed in a .RAR format, then that would be, of course, the point in which you would have to extract it before you intend on having it execute on your computer, whether it be music, images, programs, you name it. jZip’s capable of handling such formats as RAR, ZIP, ISO and TAR, just to name a few, thus the whole process of worrying if you’ll have to waste even more time in finding a compression program that supports certain formats that you are looking to have it deal with is simply a thing of the past. The program itself was created for the intention of it being simple yet effective, and that’s exactly what’s what with jZip. It’s absolutely free, and if you happen to not be wanting to spend any money on compression programs, then that’s where jZip steps in with its considerably good performance. It’s lightweight, hence the reason why it’s intended on being as basic as possible whilst making sure that it does exactly what it’s supposed to – that, of course, being the handling of archives and whatnot.

At one point, I decided to compare this to WinRAR for the purpose of seeing which one extracts faster, and to my surprise, jZip just so happened to arrive at the finish line first. Can’t help but to feel flabbergasted as a result, given the reputation that WinRAR happens to have, and overall, it’s popularity among computer users. But, in the end, jZip comes off as a program that any computer user shouldn’t mind having on their computer, regardless on whether or not they deal with compressions, archives and so forth. Recommended; why not give it a try?

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5 comments on “JZip Review
  1. John Doe says:

    jZip actually uses the same exact binary that WinRAR uses, so the speeds really are the same or very close.

    • admin says:

      hi John Doe,
      thanks for your reply and welcome to technascent,
      its a pleasure to have tech friendly people like you on our blog, who has good knowledge about the subject concerned, looking foreword to see you around,

      • Tony Hadley says:

        I downloaded it and perhaps I am too new to it but it seems as if it has roamed around my hard disk and anything that was ‘large’ it has compressed it – not sure I like that. Any info would be appreciated.

        • admin says:

          hi tony,
          you can check out their faq here: http://www.jzip.com/support.php
          or simply ask them on their forums – http://forum.jzip.com/ tell them that you read the review here and downloaded it and used it, explain them your problem and they will surely help you,

  2. Jacob says:

    I do a lot of extracting and ive tried almost every program from winrar to 7-zip and let me tell you ive never found one like jZip, its fast lightweight and very easy to use i recommend this to anyone and im actually going to donate to them.

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