Kontera In Text Ads – a Review

What is kontera?

Kontera is an in text ads network.

How do I join Kontera?

Edit: Kontera banned me because i had put up infolinks on my sites. However Kontera paid me the amount that was in my kontera account, so i do not have any anger on kontera. Sorry kontera, but infolinks pays 5 times the money that i earn from kontera. So guys go here an join infolinks and forget kontera!

Am not editing the rest of the blog entry, as kontera has paid me in the past and is pretty much ok as an in-text ads network. However infolinks is better than kontera in a lot of ways, including load times and cost per click.

How do I get started with kontera?

Once you get approved by kontera ads network, simply login to your kontera account and get your code. Put the codes in your website’s footer file and your kontera approved site will start displaying kontera ads.

Do kontera pays?

kontera earnings

kontera earnings

Yes, and here is proof, am making about $100 a month on kontera, it comes from a few sites of mine. Friends and visitors have asked me before that kontera pays or not, so here is the answer, it pays just like adsense, and even support paypal that adsense dosenot.

Why kontera pays so low?

Actually no, kontera don’t pay low, the payment depends on a lot of factors which have more to do with your website than kontera. Here are a few of my sites with September 08 kontera reports. It clearly shows that the ecpm and ctr fluctuates a lot. Based on my experience, here are a few reasons why kontera earnings can fluctuates. Quality of your

Kontera earning details

Kontera earning details

content, origin of visitors like search engines, social sites, regular visitors etc. place of visitors, like US visitors converts more. And all these things depends on publishers and not kontera, so stop blaming on kontera for low paying ads, and start working on your website.

Kontera as an adsense alternative:

Yes possibly, but I prefer kontera to be a supporter of adsense. Since kontera dosenot take up additional space in your website, so it can complement to your adsense in a big way. Keep the regular adsense ads on your site and along with it have kontera too and earn the extra dollar.

Dose kontera loads slow:

If you put the kontera code in the footer file of your website then the loading of kontera will not affect your overall site’s loading. Yes it takes time to load, but it loads at last when your entire site is already loaded.

Reasons why I like kontera:

1) Kontera give me the extra dollar, since the adsense income dosenot change when I add kontera on my sites.

2) Payments are made by paypal; so no more waiting for checks and paypal money helps me to further develop my sites, as I buy more content etc with that money. Payments by check option is also available in kontera.

3) Ads look good, visitors like it. It is not like the regular banners, kontera just makes some text or keyword on a page to a link by hiperlinking it. This way, so additional space of the website is required.

4) Support is good, pretty much timely.

In the coming months I will do more experiments on kontera and other ad networks, and make comparisons based on the results. Stay tuned and subscribe in my feeds to get regular updates from this blog.

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14 comments on “Kontera In Text Ads – a Review
  1. Jaksha says:

    I had tried Kontera for more than 6 months. It paid me at an average of 0.05 or 1 cent per click. With adsense I get 13 cents per click. Note for both Kontera and adsense my site content is the same, the related keywords on my site are the same again. We do not what advertisers pay to Google as advertiser can set the amount to pay per click. But Kontera takes 95 cents per click from the advertisers and pay us about 1 cent.

    I don’t think, any other website comes even closer to Google when talking about the amount per click or or ads related to the content or trust.

    This is my opinion, yours may be different.
    .-= Jaksha´s last blog ..Next Decade is ours. =-.

    • Uttoran Sen says:

      Am not really comparing adsense to kontera, though you can see one of my site gets about 9% ecpm which is very much close to adsense.

      Am not sure how you know that kontera keeps 95 cents and pays 1 cent to publishers. May be kontera charges less to the advertisers too. I get the occasional high clicks from kontera, so you are right, my opinion based on my experience is different for kontera.

      Still i would like to ask you a question, say you are earning 13 cents from adsense, would it not be a good idea to earn the extra 5 cents from kontera too. That makes it 18 cents total, right. So the common sense is to keep both? and earn the extra money!

  2. Uttoran Sen says:

    Also what’s your ctr, Kontera usually gives a better ctr, so that means your getting double the clicks, that way it is something like –

    adsense – 1 click – 13 cents
    kontera – 3 clicks – 5 cents each = 15 cents

    Now what will you prefer?

  3. education time says:

    nice comparison…uttoransen .. nice work…

  4. John Parry says:

    So you are pushing Kontera and yet you actually use Infolinks! Ha, what a joker.

    • Uttoran Sen says:

      hi, john parry,

      sometimes i laugh on people like you who got no idea what they are talking about, and actually end up looking like a joker…

      am using kontera and info links both on different sites… i have also reviewed other ads networks that i have used at some point of the time. Yes info links is better than kontera in my personal opinion. I will update this blog post very soon,

      I have reviewed info links too, and please watch your language, there is no reason to become so hiper…

  5. http://www.resourcesandmoney.blogspot.com says:

    Kontera + Adsense = More earnings.. A little drop in adsense will be seen but it will return back to normal.

  6. Ann says:

    I also recomend: Q2Click.com
    They have really high bids, they give sign up bonus. I’m really satisfied – worth trying!

  7. Gianna Patterson says:

    i would prefer Infolinks over Kontera because they pay much better.~*`

  8. Harshit Singhal says:

    Excuse me Uttaran…Kontera does not pay “5 cents” per click. If that were the case, each & every blogger would be adding kontera to his blog. Kontera pays much less than 1 cent per click..and further Jaksha says he earns 0.05 or 1 cent per click. Nowhere close to 5 cents per click, so your comparison to adsense does not hold true. Please verify facts before replying to comments.

    • uttoransen says:

      hi Harshit Singhal,
      welcome to tech nascent,

      have you by any chance, checked the date of the post? October 12, 2008
      also, my blogs, on which kontera paid that kind of amount was on good niches, something that every new smartass blogger fails to understand…

      kontera started to pay low later on, so i removed it from my network of blogs… even infolinks has lately started to do the same, very soon i will start removing it as well… but the fact remains, you can’t compare a poor niche blogs, with a good niche blog that gets search engine visitors mostly from USA..

      also, i see that i had added a screen shot of my earnings… you should go through that…

  9. Harshit Singhal says:

    Also Jaksha has written 0.05 or 1 cent per click whereas he should have written 0.005 or 1 cent per click. 0.05 is 5 cents and 0.005 is half a cent. So it’s an error on Jaksha’s part too.

  10. Richard says:

    I have not been paid for March month and their email no longer works. Is Kontera broke?

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