Laptop – Acer 6930

Another simple laptop from Acer targeted at the mid range customers, the Acer 6930 does not offer any spectacular features and prefers to keep out any extra frills. The intention seems to be in continuance with this particular series of notebooks and that is to provide simple, user friendly laptops but at the same time keeping up with product standards.

The model comes equipped with an Intel processor clock speed 2 GHz, 320 GB Hard Disk and 3 GB system memory. This model is Bluetooth enabled for easy transferability of data from external sources. The Bluetooth is EDR capable and the version is 2.0. The graphics are good and powered by Intel GMA 4500 chip.

The laptop has a very good battery that performs to almost three and half hours of continuous usage. Normal usage will further increase the battery performance to 4 hours.

The LCD screen is very good and measures 16.4 inches and has a 16:9 ratio. The audio system is quite good too and is supported by Dolby 2.0

Some good points:

  • A great screen offering an amazing aspect ratio of 16:9 very good for watching movies.

  • A very wide full user-friendly keyboard with 101 keys.

  • Decent looks with black color matt finish.

  • Great battery that offers a working time of 3.5 hours at optimum use and which can be extended to 4 hours on medium usage

Some negatives:

  • The touch pad is positioned weirdly making it very uncomfortable to use.

  • The size and weight destroys its aesthetic value and in comparison to the sleek models of its competitors, this one looks rather old fashioned.

  • Technologically backward in the absence of a HDMI interface.

  • Graphics are good but without discrete Nvidia and ATI support, one feels that the results are not up to the mark.

All in all, a laptop that will not blow your senses but its great if you want a simple laptop with good functionalities. A very good model for watching movies on the go.

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  1. vik1611 says:

    fyi…..the acer 6930 has 1 gb dedicated nvidia 9600gt graphics card, and full hdmi support…i used to own one before i exchanged it for a macbook pro…

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