Lenovo IdeaPad S 10 – Elegant Mobility

If you are a person who attaches importance to how good your laptop should look, then the Lenovo Ideapad S10 is a good choice. This Lenovo model runs on the Intel atom N270 and GMA 950 graphics and the OS is windows XP. The Ideapad S10 is a great looker as far as designing is concerned and pretty much resembles a MacBook. The hard drive is sufficient at 80GB but the RAM leaves pretty much to be desired at 512MB. However, the good side to this, with some extra money thrown in the hard disk and RAM are both upgradable to 160GB and 1GB respectively.

The keyboard is pretty congested but the track pad is smooth and consistent. The connectivity is pretty good and is on par with most other models/brands. Microphone jack, two USB ports, LAN, headphone out, VGA out, Bluetooth, express and multi card reader are all available and comparable with other laptops in this segment. The sleekness of this laptop is further enhanced by the 10.2” screen and the resolution is pretty sharp and clear. The Lenovo Ideapad S10 is pretty average on performance with one study indicating a score of 29 when benchmarked against other models in the same segment. The very low RAM is a turn off and the rather average performance can be attributed to this factor. The laptop is powered by a 3 cell battery that promises a life of 4 hours non stop delivery. Other factors like Wi-Fi and brightness of the screen can bring down the time to about 3.5 hours.

Some of the positives of this notebook are

  • Great Looks & Design
  • Easily up gradable
  • A smooth and consistent track pad
  • Range of colors
  • Competitive pricing

Some negatives

  • Very low starting RAM but up gradable
  • Congested Keyboard

To summarize, the Lenovo Idea Pad S10 is a great looker with average features.

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