Like the Early Days of Man – Storage Solutions Have Evolved

As early man lifted his knuckles from the rough ground, so began the stride toward mobility and eventually athletic shoes. The picture of a Neanderthal wearing a pair of Nike footwear while chasing a Mastodon seems bizarre, but certainly, the protection and traction the athletic shoe provided would have been welcomed by the hunter in pursuit.

Like the early days of man, storage solutions have also evolved over time, although at a much faster pace. The athletic shoes of tomorrow still hold fantastic technological opportunities to dream about, but some very exciting innovations are available. At the dawn of storage time, computers included small local storage devices. Manufacturing and engineering soon increased the total capacities of these drives to be much faster than advances of stone to rubber wheels. Continued evolution patterns brought multiple drives together in a single array of disks, commonly known as RAID.

Server attached storage or SAS RAID allowed even greater quantities of data to be stored and quickly retrieved. The redundant features of these devices made it possible to lose a disk and preserve the data until the disk was replaced: a big improvement over a single disk, like early spears that missed the saber tooth cats without a backup.

Other major advantages of SAS Raid over classic storage solutions include:

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

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  • Fully redundant I/O channels for greater availability and increased performance
  • 8 Gigabyte performance for the increased throughput and bandwidth demands of modern data processing applications
  • Modular construction so expansion is manageable and flexible
  • Storage tier architecture to allow for both primary and secondary storage on a single platform
  • Full RAID 5 level processing for fault tolerance
  • Fiber-Channel interfaces for maximum throughput
  • SATA drives for high capacity storage and retrieval

Administrative software has also evolved from the cryptic command line commands of years past to add and remove volumes to “always-online” user interfaces that make it easy for administrators to add volumes, restore faulty disks and monitor the RAID device. The uptime of these current generation, server attached, multi-disk storage solutions is unrivaled to those of only a decade ago.

However, other major evolution steps have been made in storage solutions, like storage silicon. Storage manufactures have seen the value in putting disks together, just like early man figured out the value of using two wheels to make loads easier, with the creation of network attached storage (NAS). Multiple servers can attach simultaneously to a single massive disk array, but still segregate data. Now, as NAS solutions have blossomed, the creation of a SAN fabric has also emerged. The large units require their own network to communicate and move data to create a storage network. Special switches capable of handling the storage communications protocol handle the large volume data loads that move information between these SAN devices safely and reliably.

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