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For years there has been some debate amongst techies about which operating system is superior, Windows or Linux. Windows, of course is the most popular and well-known retail operating system, while Linux is the most well known, free operating system. Individuals, who are typically pro-Windows, believe that ease-of- use is what primarily makes Windows better, while Linux proponents argue, amongst other things, that Windows is prone to viruses and spyware. In 2005, in an effort to attract Window’s users, Linux developed and made available to the public, Linux XP. The operating system saw a major upgrade in September of 2006. This upgrade included updated printer drivers and some fixes to bugs in the software.

Linux XP is a feature packed, PC system, much like Windows. It can be used with a number of Window’s software packages and claims to eliminate some of the weaknesses of Windows, namely, security. Linux is built on a secure and stable platform. This makes it very reliable and able to protect against threats or spyware and viruses. Linux provides a virus free environment.

Linux XP comes with a full software package. You will find Open Office suite, project management, a calendar, file sharing, audio and video conferencing, email, image editors, music and movie players, TV, and Internet radio. This is of course, an abbreviated listing. If you find that you still need do use some Windows applications, you can continue to do so even with Linux as your new operating system. There are tons of applications that have been tested and found to be compatible with Linux. If you are already a Windows user, then you will have no problem using Linux. It is very user-friendly.

You will need to purchase a license for Linux XP. The cost of one single activation key with lifetime updates, is $19.99. This same package with 30 days of support will cost $39.98. You will need a CD-Rom to use the software. The CD package includes the Linux XP Desktop software. It works with Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core. Linux XP also comes with Open Office 2, which works with Microsoft Office, software development tools and many PC games.

For individuals interested in purchasing Linux XP, they can find it at the following software outlets: (Canada), Imtech (Brazil), (United States) and (Russia).

Linux XP Desktop was created to provide a desktop solution geared toward individuals who are not extremely familiar with Linux but who do have a lot of experience working with Windows. Linux, in its’ original development was knocked because unless you were really skilled with computers, it was quite difficult to manage. Linux XP was developed to remedy this. It is very user friendly and intuitive and it doesn’t require a great deal of study to get it up and running. In fact, if you know how to use the Windows operating system, and who doesn’t, then you know how to use Linux XP.

Linux is very easy to update. In fact you can get the newest versions and updates with three simple clicks. You also easily install add-ons by double clicking the set-up file and simply following the instructions.

Linux XP is for individuals who are a tired of Windows, with its constant security problems and subsequent patches or would don’t want to upgrade to Vista. Linux XP provides strong security, and now a simple interface. It is also is very affordable. $19.98 will provide you with lifetime upgrades.

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