Microwave of the Future and Beyond

The Beyond Microwave promises to be the future of microwave ovens. Microwave ovens that have to be manually operated are so passe. In today’s modern world, an ideal kitchen would contain smart appliances that would fit the automated preferences of the modern person. Think about wireless programmable appliances with online connectivity. That’s currently what manufacturers are perfecting to lead the modern man to a futuristic life.

Fresh from the line of high-tech appliances, the Beyond Microwave brings the future within your grasp. With innovative features like automatic operation, barcode scanning, and network capabilities to other automated appliances, the Beyond Microwave is a promising gadget of next generation kitchen appliances. No longer will you be frustrated of manually reheating or cooking your food in your old microwave oven. The Beyond Microwave features automatic timer and settings for each of the 4000 pre-programmed food products. All you have to do is scan the food product, place it inside, and let the microwave do the rest.

The Beyond Microwave features a built in retractable UPC barcode scanning infrared sensor wand which lets you scan the codes on the food products to let the microwave input the settings automatically. You no longer will have to scratch your head and think about the numbers you have to punch in. These numbers usually include the amount of time to heat the food, the power level of the microwave, and the temperature in degrees. Free your self from this inconvenience by letting the microwave do the calculations for these settings for every kind of food.

Additionally, you can add new UPC codes that are not included in the available 4000 settings. The Beyond Microwave has a Learn function that allows you to program your own UPC codes. The microwave can also be updated with UPC codes using network connections to other supported appliances like smart refrigerators. As if it weren’t convenient enough, the microwave has handy quick start buttons, wherein you can set a quick heating setting with just one button. All these added functionality comes with no extra installation or extra wires.

Physically, the Beyond Microwave has an aesthetic modern appeal that is sure to grab attention. Its stainless steel structure guarantees sturdiness for years. It is relatively compact but still has the capacity to make most food and utensils fit inside, with its 0.9 cu. Ft. of space. On the dial up counter lies the prominent blue backlit LCD display. The power level is larger than most conventional microwave ovens, consequently making heating time lesser.

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