Most Useful Applications for iPhone 4

Since the technologies allow manufacturers to integrate operational system on your personal mobile phone, we are able to install various applications. These applications may transform your smartphone into many kinds of tools or devices. Here is a list with some applications that many people found useful:

iPhone 4

iPhone 4

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  • Facebook, Skype and Tweeter – we all know what these applications do and their version for iPhone does not distinguish.
  • Now playing – this program may be found very useful in combination with the GPS. After you have seen an advertisement on the street or a trailer of a film at home on your TV, you may input the name of the film that you saw and see where the closest cinema is and when the projection starts.
  • Tone Pad – this application will help you to compose your own music and you are able to store it or to share it with other users.
  • Gorrilacam – this program enhances some options on your camera (timer, multi-shot, spirit-level, on-screen grid) and it will improve the whole picture of your photos or video clips.
  • Bump – this small program makes the sharing of files between two or more iPhones significantly easier process. The transfer is made by Bluetooth, but with easier and funnier interface.
  • Qupe Radar – You can’t choose a place for romantic dinner? Qupe Radar will help you. The application is synchronized with Google Maps and its own data base, which contains customer reviews and rating of all kinds of restaurants and interesting places. According to your location it will represent you with detailed information for the closest restaurants and you will be able to choose the most suitable for you.
  • Photoshop – Adobe systems announced that they released the graphic editor Photoshop with version for iPhone. The program allows to edit pictures made by your phone or downloaded from the gallery on and you may upload pictures there also. The functionality of the editor is basic – you may rotate, crop, change the color gamma or to lay some simple filters on the image.
  • Smart Alert – the applications for your morning waking up are numerous but this thing is something different. Smart Alarm periodically downloads information for the weather outside and if the weather is bad, the alarm will start ringing earlier than the indicated time, to help you get to the place you are headed on time.
  • NAVIGON MobileNavigator – One of the best navigation systems that have the most updated road maps and that make it huge for download but it works in areas where other systems just don’t cover. Navigon provides on-board maps for the region, the country or the continents at precise prices and you may choose from other several options like parking directions, traffic updates and beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding environment.

Guest author Lyuben Georgiev is the owner of iPhone Guiden – a website dedicated to iPhone owners, where everyone can compare the prices of the iPhones available one the market in Denmark and choose the cheapest one.

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