My Personal Plans for 2009 – Must Focus on Health Now

With working online for most part of my day and some part of the night, I have ended up working 18+ hours a day. This has brought good financial success and I now have a stable online business. However, my daily routine is messed up and is now taking a toll on my health. So, here are some plans for 2009 focusing on the health.

  • Wakeup time and bedtime – This is a serious problem and I must work on it. When I was in school, I used to wake up at 5 in the morning. When I left school, the wake up time slowly went to 6 and later 7. When I left college [Actually dropped] I started to be more lazy. Though I can’t really blame myself for waking late from this point on, because this is the time when I started working late in the night. When I was up in the night, till 4 in the morning my wake up time also got messed up and I could barely wake up at 10. This routine has continued for the last one year or so. I don’t even remember when was the last time I saw a sunrise. This late to bed and late to wake up is affecting my health, in terms of weak digestion and headaches. So, this is the first thing that I will like to improve. I will try to sleep early, and get up at 7 in the morning. No sunrise for me, but atleast that will improve my health.

  • Getting fat – Not much in terms of kilos, but a little bad looking from the stomach. I was slim in the past, and used to go gym daily. Used to hangout with friends in the evening and play around in college. All this is a thing of the past, now all that I do is sit in front of the PC and type articles like these. Its fun, but its getting me fat. I will try to work this thing out. I won’t go to gym now, and certainly won’t join collage either. All am planning to do is, take an evening walk. I prefer morning walk as the air is cleaner in the morning, but waking up at 7 in the morning is too late for a walk. Also, I will do a little exercise at home for my stomach. I seriously hate to see my belly come out.

  • Take small breaks – This is actually a very good plan, and am already working on this. I come out of my computer cabin from time to time. Take a small walk, drink a little water or take a small nap. Then again back to computer, can’t leave you guys waiting.

  • Go green – For improving my eyes and headache, I will use the help of nature. Am looking foreword to plant a lot of green plants in the room and in the garden. The balcony of my house gets a lot of sunrays, which is a great place to keep some plants.

  • Outsource – I will further outsource my work so that I get more time for rest. However I cannot compromise on quality, so some work I have to do myself.

  • Study – Not college though. I will take up some courses like, php, css, etc. My next target is to open an off line office and start a web hosting and web development business. Before starting that, I will complete a few web related courses.

My House

My House

Most part of mid to end 2009 I was busy with my house. My computer room was being constructed on the roof. It’s a great room, about 20 feets by 30 feets. A hall like construction. It’s almost ready, and once ready I will operate my business from there. I also have a front office room, which I will later use to keep some staff. Am planning to take my business seriously from now on. Both online and off line, I will try my best and give 100% to what I do. Here are some pictures of my house, some when it was being constructed and some latest pictures when it’s all ready.

Here is a picture when the house was getting ready.

when the house was under construction

when the house was under construction

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