Optical Bar – Making Computer Screen Alive

Eradicate the boredom of your desktop computer screen by using the savvy OpticalBar. Turning your computer screen alive, this device changes the way you look and use your computer. You will notice that having this unique gadget will make simple computer tasks more enjoyable and convenient.

Make your screen interactive and let the OpticalBar simplify your computer usage. Thanks to this gadget, you can now have predefined and custom shortcuts and links to the most common applications on your computer screen. If you are conscious of the appearance of your desktop, you can even customize the icons and theme to match with the rest of your desktop. You can put your artistic talents to use by creating your own icons and themes for the device. That way, the projected image won’t clash with your desktop and will blend in perfectly to give it an aesthetic appeal.

The most prominent feature of the OpticalBar is its touch screen feature. You don’t have to own a special computer monitor for the touch screen to work. The gadget detects your finger as you point the icon projected on the screen. Simply touch the icon projected to launch your desired applications or shortcuts. Such favorite shortcuts include one-touch links to your email, favorite website, and music player.

Having this unique gadget is a whole new way of multitasking or working on the go. With this device, you can have access to the desired computer applications in an instant. You may wonder how this device would compare to ordinary mouse clicking. Well, imagine your self standing and moving from one place to another. With the mouse, you have to pull up a chair and sit or painstakingly bend over to use the mouse. With the OpticalBar, you just point on your screen the shortcut or application you want to use. You can browse at your email or website with a touch of your finger while standing and sipping a cup of coffee.

With its simple design, the gadget goes well with anything. You can put it on top of any computer screen and it wouldn’t look tacky or out of place. Mounting the device on top requires the use of small adhesive dots that come with the product. These permanently stick to the surface, so if you plan to use the device to different monitors, just use other adhesive strips in the market.

The device is classy, versatile, customizable, convenient, and most importantly affordable. It adds flavor to every generic computer screen. The nice blue LED emits a cool neutral blue color, which is cool for the eyes to look at, and not distracting to watch. You can install the product conveniently by plugging through the USB port and running the CD, which comes along with it. With easy settings, affordable pricing, and the convenience it brings, OpticalBar will certainly be one of the most coveted computer accessories to date.

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