Organizing Your Disc Collection with the CD Carousel

Organize all your essential CDs and DVDs with the venerable CD Carousel. Avoid the clutter of storing CDs and DVDs just anywhere in your room, office, workplace, or even under your couch. With this storage device, you will actually get rid of all those bulky CD and DVD cases, and stores them in one compact space. The CD Carousel not only effectively stores your CDs and DVDs, but also identifies each one of them by connecting this devise to your computer to form an automated CD library.

Allow the CD Carousel to house all of your important and favorite CDs and DVDs in its solid dust-proof structure. You can store up to 150 CDs or DVDs in this compact storage device. Each disc slot is conveniently labeled with the assigned number so that you can keep track of the disc you put in there using your computer. The disc carrier rotates so that you can store your CDs and DVDs in a carousel-like manner. You can insert your disc and retrieve them through the slot in the front portion of the device.

Searching for your desired disc can never be so convenient. When plugging this storage device to the USB port of the computer, you can access a CD library program to organize your CDs and DVDs stored in the device. If you want to search for a specific disc, just click on the title in the CD library and the CD Carousel turns itself to reveal the disc that you want through a slot in its front part. Think of the precious time you’ll save compared to manually scavenging for your desired disc in your room or desk.

Who says being organized with your stuff isn’t cool? With the sleek design of the CD Carousel, it will surely grab a lot of attention. The round compact design with its sturdy structure can enable it to be placed anywhere with minimal space needed. If you compare storing CDs and DVDs in their cases with the storage device, you will find that having 150 discs piling up does not look pretty compared to the clean round storage style of the device.

In case that you can’t connect the storage device to your computer, you can still locate you’re desired CD or DVD using the knob on the bottom front portion? There is a number display in the front and all you have to do is to turn the knob to go to the number where your specific disc is assigned. Just make sure to print out the list of your discs with their assigned numbers.

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