Pretend Working with Stealth Switch

Don’t let your boss catch you slacking off by using the new Stealth Switch device. Probably the most annoying thing at work is when your boss yells and nags at you at how you are just playing or doing nothing on your computer. Imagine instantly putting up a busy desktop appearance the moment your boss walks right by you. This is what Stealth Switch promises to bring.

If you love playing games in your office computer in your free time but the protocol doesn’t allow it, you might as well risk getting spotted by someone passing by your cubicle or workspace. If it isn’t your boss who spots you, it could be other nagging employees who will report your behavior to the boss. You have to admit that hiding your game or other applications can never seem to work well in surprise situations. Your game may take to much time to exit and your applications may still be seen in the taskbar the moment someone walks behind you.

If you are a student who lives at home with strict parents, you may find sneaking a computer game or surfing the net to be off limits when you have homework to do. Turning off the monitor or minimizing applications can only spell trouble for you. You may want to give this device a try. No longer will you be spotted by your parents in playing games or surfing the net. You may even impress them by pretending to work in the computer all the time the moment they step in your room.

Given this premise, Stealth Switch may just be your best solution. With just one press of the button, all your unwanted programs, windows, and games just virtually disappear from your screen in an instant. These do not just minimize into your taskbar, but are made completely invisible. You can choose to hide all windows and applications in the taskbar, hide a selected window, or hide a number of windows leaving the other windows open. If you are at work, you may find the third option to fit your needs.

Worry no more about getting this device to be spotted, as it is designed to be positioned on the floor and for you to step on. It comes with a long wire to allow you to place the device in the most hidden portion under your table. With one step on the Stealth Switch button, all your worries will be gone immediately.

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