Reasons why Hostgator is the Best Web Hosting Company

I have been a webmaster for the past 6+ years and in this journey I have changed my webhost multiple times. Some were slow and unprofessional; others had some other issues like poor communication or customer service. Over all, after all these years, if I had to select the best web host, I would certainly go for Hostgator. And am not just saying, tech nascent is proudly hosted on Hostgator. So, if you are looking for a webhost then Hostgator should be your first choice. Here is a discount code for Hostgator – technascent works on any hosting package you buy at Hostgator and give you a $9.94 off your purchase.

So, here are 9 super reasons why Hostgator rocks!

  • Recently a lot of webhosts got hacked; several blogs and other PHP bases sites hosted on godaddy and other hosting were affected by a junk JavaScript code. Some of my blogs hosted elsewhere got hacked too, but this one as it is on Hostgator did not get hacked. Am afraid though, not boasting at all, I fear hackers and I know they can get into anything, but still it’s a fact that Hostgator did not got affected by this.
  • Support solves itself rather explaining how to do it. Yes, and it is a very big thing. On other hosts whenever I emailed them they came up with a full page instruction on how to do it, they are helpful but still we have to do it ourselves. But here on Hostgator, you just tell them the problem and they solve it. Cool. Here is a small chat conversation that I had with a hostgator staff; this clearly explains that they solve our problems themselves rather asking to do it ourselves.

(8:53:08 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: has entered the chat.

(8:53:10 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Hello, welcome to HostGator Live Chat.

(8:53:10 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: How may I assist you today?

(8:53:48 AM) Uttoran Sen: hi

(8:54:05 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Hello.

(8:54:24 AM) Uttoran Sen: am trying to host with hostgator, i have a hosting account here on hostgator

(8:54:42 AM) Uttoran Sen: this is the primary domain

(8:54:56 AM) Uttoran Sen: and i have setup the addon domain’s content here –

(8:55:34 AM) Uttoran Sen: i have changed the name servers of the domain is registered at godaddy

(8:56:24 AM) Uttoran Sen: but as you can see – is still not opening, i have added it as a addon domain, but still its not opening…

(8:56:52 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Please wait while I check. Thank you for your patience.

(8:57:00 AM) Uttoran Sen: yep, sure,

(8:59:58 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: I apologize for the delay. Please allow me a few more minutes to get the answers you need. I appreciate your patience.

(9:00:26 AM) Uttoran Sen: yep, no problem,

(9:00:29 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: When I go to I get The page isn’t redirecting properly

(9:01:10 AM) Uttoran Sen: yep, i get the same error

(9:01:35 AM) Uttoran Sen: i have hosted another domain on the same and its working properly…

(9:01:53 AM) Uttoran Sen: can’t understand what am doing wrong now…

(9:01:56 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Is a wordpress?

(9:02:06 AM) Uttoran Sen: yes

(9:02:28 AM) Uttoran Sen: you can see it here –

(9:02:31 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: One moment.

(9:02:36 AM) Uttoran Sen: yes,

(9:04:00 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Fixed.

(9:04:22 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Wait, maybe not.

(9:05:03 AM) Uttoran Sen: yep, maybe not :)

(9:05:44 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Weird.

(9:06:38 AM)Hostgatorlivesupport: Do you have any custom redirects in cpanel?

(9:06:46 AM) Uttoran Sen: any ideas why its happening… the target page is all right here –

(9:06:53 AM) Uttoran Sen: no, as far as i know

(9:07:03 AM) Uttoran Sen: there is no custom redirects…

(9:07:18 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Okay thank you.

(9:07:36 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Check it now?

(9:08:45 AM) Uttoran Sen: yep, wow its live

(9:08:51 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Its a plugin.

(9:08:52 AM) Uttoran Sen: what was the problem?

(9:09:01 AM)Hostgatorlivesupport: I renamed your entire plugins directory.

(9:09:02 AM) Uttoran Sen: which one?

(9:09:38 AM) Uttoran Sen: ohh, ok i will start checking the plugins one by one

(9:09:43 AM) Uttoran Sen: thanks :)

(9:09:47 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: redirection

(9:09:58 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: I renamed the folder for redirection to redirection-bak

(9:10:23 AM) Uttoran Sen: ohh, ok, i think the re-direction import must have messed it up… i will fix it, thanks

(9:11:06 AM) Uttoran Sen: bye,

(9:11:17 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Okay, take care and have a great day!

Note: i changed the domain names to etc. also changed the support guy’s name to “Hostgatorlivesupport” for privacy issues and will do so for the rest of the chat details too.

  • Digg proof hosting. Yes, Hostgator shared hosting is digg proof. Though, you can never predict how much traffic you can get from a digg front page and it’s never the same every time so this point cannot be guaranteed. But yes, in general, Hostgator shared hosting can handle a digg frontpage exposure. Here is a chat dialog to prove it.

(1:07:49 PM) Hostgatorlivesupport: has entered the chat.

(1:07:50 PM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Hello, welcome to HostGator Live Chat.

(1:07:54 PM) Uttoran Sen: hi

(1:07:55 PM) Hostgatorlivesupport: How may I assist you today with your hosting question?

(1:08:39 PM) Uttoran Sen: i have a shaired hosting on hostgator, i want to know if it can support a digg front page effect, the site hosted is a wordpress blog…

(1:09:29 PM) Hostgatorlivesupport: You would need to install a WordPress plug that handles Cache. Like Super Cache Plugin.

(1:09:40 PM) Hostgatorlivesupport: This way it does not spike the server load and cause issues.

(1:09:58 PM) Uttoran Sen: yes, i have the super cache plugin, so it should handle it :)

(1:10:40 PM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Yep, you got it down, then.

(1:10:42 PM) Hostgatorlivesupport: You’re all set.

(1:11:11 PM) Uttoran Sen: thanks, bye then,

(1:12:14 PM) Hostgatorlivesupport: You are most welcome.

(1:12:15 PM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Was there anything else I could help you with today?

(1:12:30 PM) Uttoran Sen: no, thanks :)

Note: i will try to personally test this, and once am done, i will post a follow up on this.

  • It is fast – Technascent and other sites that I have hosted on Hostgator, I see a rise in site loading speed. Yes, Hostgator webhosting is faster than many others that I have tested in the past.
  • More server resource – Hostgator shared webhosting provides 25% of CPU usage. This way you will find less “internal 500 errors”. Actually, on my last web host I was getting quite a few such errors and the CPU usage was always at a high. I have transferred my sites to Hostgator and since then the CPU usage has never been an issue.
  • It’s cheap – some webhosts are cheaper than this, but if you use the coupon code – “technascent” and buy for more than 1 or 2 or even 3 years, you will get further discount. The coupon code will give you a $9.94 off on your final price. And if you buy for more than 3 years, the cost will be $4.95 a month, which makes it the cheapest web host around.
  • Host unlimited sites – the second plan of Hostgator shared webhosting, named as “Baby Plan” has the feature of hosting unlimited sites. The bandwidth and diskspace is already set to unlimited and as I posted above, the resource usage is good too, so you can host plenty of sites under your single hosting plan. Cheap, and it all stays in a single place, so its convenient as well.
  • Easy upgrade – Hostgator VPS hosting at level 3 comes at $50 with cpanel. If you buy this, then all your website transfer and management will be done by Hostgator staff. As I was saying, I really love Hostgator support :) So, if you are using a shared hosting account at Hostgator and you feel the need to expand your business, Hostgator has plenty of options to interest you.
  • Live support – Do I need to say more, especially after all these live support chat dialogs. I have to confess one thing though, Hostgator has really spoiled me. Now, I find it really disturbing when I have to wait for 3 to 7 hours, and sometimes upto 24 hours for support from other webhosts for customer support answers. Live support saves time, here is a chat dialog that solved a simple thing in minutes that would have taken a day at the least on email…

(2:05:40 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: has entered the chat.

(2:05:42 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Hello, and welcome to live chat. My name is Hostgatorlivesupport and I will be glad to assist you with your inquiry.

(2:06:07 AM) Uttoran Sen: hi, i can’t login with the cpanel details into the ftp

(2:06:31 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Well, what is the host name you are entering?

(2:06:36 AM) Uttoran Sen: i bought this hosting for yesterday, i can login into the cpanel, but can’t login into ftp with the same details

(2:06:53 AM) Uttoran Sen:

(2:07:08 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: The reason you cannot is because is not pointing to our servers. Currently it is pointing to: Name Server: nameserverdetails Name Server: nameserverdetails

(2:07:31 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: You may use the IP for your account to connect. (This is located inside the cpanel on the left hand side near the bottom)

(2:08:10 AM) Uttoran Sen: yep, it worked :)

(2:08:10 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: If you are trying to connect to your cpanel via, it will not work either because your domain is not pointing to us so you will need to view your welcome email to grab the IP, Uttoran.

(2:08:36 AM) Uttoran Sen: thanks, got it,

Ohh, and here is another reason that i was almost forgetting. Hostgator is honest too, they put it as it is, even if its a pre-sale question. Here is another chat dialog which proves that hostgator is honest and does not makes it look like everything is good, while it may not be.

(6:57:19 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: has entered the chat.

(6:57:20 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Hello, welcome to HostGator Live Chat.

(6:57:21 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: How may I assist you today?

(6:57:27 AM) Uttoran Sen: hi, i wanted to know that how much better will the vps hosting of hostgator at level 1 will be, in comparison to the hostgator shared hosting that i already have,

(6:58:33 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: With a vps level one you would need to install everything such as apache, mysql, php, etc..

(7:00:04 AM) Uttoran Sen: and i got no idea about it, i mean what is an apache? am using a shared hosting here and i have a wordpress blog, i can install wordpress from cpanel… looks like vps is a bit technical…

(7:01:19 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Yes a VPS is a bit more technical and a vps 1 could get quite complicated if you are not an experienced linux user. I would suggest getting a level 3 with cpanel.

(7:02:51 AM) Uttoran Sen: level 3 with cpanel will be the same as the shared hosting in terms of technical requirements… i won’t have to learn mysql/apache?

(7:03:04 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Thats right.

(7:03:22 AM) Uttoran Sen: can i upgrade/downgrade levels?

(7:03:29 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Yes.

(7:03:53 AM) Uttoran Sen: so if i upgrade to level 3 and get everything setup and downgrade to level 1 later… will that be fine?

(7:04:12 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: unfortunately not, if you downgrade below level 3 cpanel would be uninstalled.

(7:04:56 AM) Uttoran Sen: once i have my wordpress blog installed and running, will i still need the cpanel?

(7:06:03 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Yes as everything is configured through cpanel. You could look at cpanel as an all in one with apache (what displays your website on the web) mysql (databases) php (wordpress coding) etc..

(7:07:15 AM) Uttoran Sen: also, at level 1, from the server resource point of view, how much is it better than the shared hosting?

(7:09:07 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Its hard to say exactly, the VPS level 1 does have less resources than our shared servers although you would not be sharing with other customers than can cause issues on the server. With one wordpress blog it should be very smooth in load time.

(7:11:32 AM) Uttoran Sen: ok, let me think about it, also i had another question, i have a site hosted at godaddy, i wanted to bring it to hostgator, so if i buy another shared linux plan, will the hostgator import my site here…

(7:12:22 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Only on a vps level 3 can we transfer your website and set it up on your VPS.

(7:12:59 AM) Uttoran Sen: on vps 3 is there any amount of sites that you can import only just one

(7:13:53 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: We can transfer as many sites as you would like.

(7:15:51 AM) Uttoran Sen: just to clarify, if i buy one vps 3 plan, you can import all my sites and blogs (i guess some 10+ in total) and they will all be under the same vps account where i won’t have to know about the technical requirements…. right?

(7:17:34 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: We can transfer all of your sites although if some require extra installations on the serve you will need to let us know if you want us to install them for you.

(7:18:31 AM) Uttoran Sen: and i can jump from level 3 to 4, up and down based on the requirements… i just have to pay and you people will manage it all… right?

(7:19:43 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Yes you can upgrade/downgrade at anytime and we are here 24/7 to assist you with your server although we do not actively monitor your server to maintain uptime on it. We only watch the VPS server itself.

(7:20:31 AM) Uttoran Sen: ok, thanks for the information, let me think about it :)

(7:20:37 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: You’re welcome.

(7:20:38 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

(7:20:48 AM) Uttoran Sen: no, thanks,

(7:20:52 AM) Hostgatorlivesupport: Okay, take care and have a great day!

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