September Earnings Report – 883.7 Dollars

I always wanted to post my earning reports on my blog, but never actually did. So, this is the first time am posting my earning details. The amounts are certainly not much, but they are enough for me. Please don’t ask for any proof as am not going to show any as of now, but later will post some pictures holding checks, I always love to do that.

Adsense – $440+ [This comes from a few websites – 5 – 7]

Kontera – $90+ [This comes from my other websites]

Miscellaneous earnings – $350+

In august my miscellaneous earnings, like link sales, seo services, site selling/flipping etc. was $1200+ but in September I got a bit lazy and thus my earnings dropped a bit. As for the regular expenses that is to be done to maintain the earnings, it is always so marginal, like a few dollars for hosting etc. All traffic is organic, and is absolutely free, which dosenot costs me any thing. I buy a lot of content, so that’s the only cost that I do.

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17 comments on “September Earnings Report – 883.7 Dollars
  1. Abhik says:

    Its really a great earning mate.. Congratz.

  2. John says:

    Hi Mate

    Congrats on ur earnings. Its quite a good amount for us- Indians. 🙂

    • uttoransen says:

      hi John,
      thanks for taking our your time and posting comment on my blog,

      Yep its quite an amount, i still have a few un-monetized sites so in the coming months it will increase a bit.

  3. Pratik says:

    Congrats… $440 is great with Adsense…
    And you hear that you planning to make it better is good…

    • uttoransen says:

      hi pratik,
      welcome to uttoransen dot com, and thanks for your comments,

      am working very hard on my sites, hoping to cross the $1000 a month mark by the end of this year,

  4. 010081 says:

    great man,nice to hear that keep updating.

  5. rhoula says:

    I was told before that google will block your account if you share your earnings with others.
    Is that true?
    Thank you

  6. ricky says:

    Dude thats where i want to be *Adsense earnings* my sites only 23days old today and manage 0.06-$1.03 a day can you spare me some tips please check my site and give some freindly tips on marketing and generating traffic i have about 40-80 users a day comming mostly from google

  7. Hardip Patel says:


    May I know how many websites and blogs you are running right now?

    First time, I came to your blog and really feeling cool!!!

    Thanks in advance..

  8. prince says:

    hey @uttoransen it’s gr8 yaar keep it up 🙂

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