Sidekick LX – Approaching Superior

It’s none other than one of the latest installments from T-Mobile in their Sidekick series – that being the Sidekick LX. First off, I was very pleased to see that as far as “appearance” is concerned, the Sidekick LX is worthy in my opinion of buying in terms of switching from the Sidekick 3 (of course, this doesn’t go to say that I bought the LX solely on just looks). Ever since I first bought it last year, I have been nothing but pleased at what it brings to the table – there’s a considerably smooth grip from how thin it is and I would say that it’s more easier to use than the Sidekick 3, although grip/typing in with the buttons wasn’t really an issue.

Aside from that, I, for one have been impressed at the better display that came off as a “step-up” from the previous installment. The LX also includes MySpace Mobile integration, allowing the user to easily access their profile, especially on a “on-the-go” basis, so to speak. In addition to that, the convenience of Bluetooth is also there (although support is considerably limited), as well as the usual camera feature (1.3 megapixels in this case). However, the Sidekick LX is far from being “flawless” – but by me saying this, don’t let that discourage you as the LX is one great phone to have – but fact of the matter is, I had been looking forward to seeing integrated Wi-Fi out of this, and by that not being the case, I was much disappointed as a result. With mobile technology nowadays, integrated Wi-Fi should be something that shouldn’t be “hard to get” – in other words, that one feature should basically become a standard within mobile phones. Also, the LX’s camera only takes photos, and that’s pretty much all she wrote as far as the camera feature. No video, which was also something I had been highly anticipating. The LX’s speaker is pretty decent, but it, without a doubt, could be much better.

But in the end, I myself was pretty satisfied on a good note as a result of what the Sidekick LX provides to the individual. Overall, if we’re talking numbers, I would give it an 8 out of 10, and at this current point and time, I’m hoping to see these features and more out of the next Sidekick installment.

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