Sleeping Goes High Tech

If you have some ridiculous notion that a bed is just for sleeping, you have seriously been mistaken. There has been a push, by those who push such things, that only using a bed for sleeping, is not maximizing its potential. Techies have decided that a bed is not complete without some really cool gadgets.

The Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite bedding system has some real doosies. How does a 32-inch HDTV in the bed’s footboard sound? The television is automatically placed in just the right spot so that you don’t have to strain your eyes to view it, but it has been placed far enough away and in perfect position, so that you can lay comfortably and watch television. But wait, the fun and the gadgets don’t stop there. The Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite bed wouldn’t be complete without an integrated DVD player and a massage function. The Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite bed also comes complete with a Bravia Theater system that includes a 5-disc, DVD changer, surround system and an iPod dock.

The sleeping system comes with nearly 12 massage programs, allowing the stress of the day to be kneaded out by “hands” that never get tired. With all of these outstanding and opulent features, one will likely not want to ever leave their bed. The bed totally pampers the owner and provides an atmosphere for serious relaxation.

The bed has also been designed to be sturdy and pet and childproof. It is covered with a type of synthetic fiber that prevents it from being scratched. It also contains a “retractable back-sliding system” for reclining. This allows the owner to comfortably read their favorite book while lounging in bed.

The Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite couples technology with comfort to create the ultimate bed. Techies and those who love gadgets must be in bed nirvana, just thinking about the possibilities of the Hollandia Elite. The world, until now, has seen nothing like it. Imagine, a 32-inch television in the footboard that automatically moves so that it is always in the perfect position for your optimal viewing pleasure, an iPod dock, 5-disc DVD changer, and a surround sound complete with subwoofers in the bed? There will no doubt, be some insistent husbands whose second job for the next year will be to convince their wives just how vital this bed is for their good health and sanity. Conversely, there will likely be some savvy wives that take this opportunity to clear their “honey do” lists.

Well, you are probably wondering just how much a bed like this would set you back? Are your ready? How about $35,000 big ones? Is it worth the price tag? I suppose, if you have it to spend. The average American obviously will not have the money to purchase it, but the French company seems to believe that there is a market for the upscale sleeping system. And there probably is. There is always some wealthy or not so wealthy person who is willing to shell out big money for the non-essentials. For the rest of us, well, we’ll just have to dream about it.

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