Sony Vaio X – the slim and light notebook from Sony

Sony launched Vaio X notebook, claimed by Sony as the lightest notebook in the world. It’s thin for sure, 13.9 mm and with a weight of 655 gm makes it very light indeed. The notebook market is very competitive and with so many options available, the consumer will have to compare the products thoroughly before buying it, this one for example would compete neck to neck with the Apple Macbook Air, however a slight bit more thinner.

The thin light Vaio X is feature rich too, starting with the state of the art design, backed with Intel atom processor of 2.0 Ghz, 2 gb of ddr2 ram, Intel graphics and storage options which includes a 128 gb of solid state drive. The other feature includes a strong 8 hours of backup, built in webcam, Wi Fi and Bluetooth.

Sony is going to market this product very aggressively, already has plans to secure 20% of India’s notebook market by the end of 2010. For marketing, Sony has hired Kareena Kapoor, who, just like Sony Vaio X is slim and sexy. Sony had already made a huge marketing budget of Rs 200 crore for backing up all the sales targets.

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