Spy Detector Pens

While many of us will never have a legitimate use for a spy detector pen, most of us have some time in our life, watched with awe and excitement as Inspector Gadget or James Bond used unbelievable trinkets and gadgets to get themselves out of trouble. The idea that these types of gadgets really exist is pretty cool to say the least.

Spy detector pens were developed to help individuals who believe that they are under surveillance or being bugged, the ability to uncover the perpetrators and the source of the surveillance. Spy detector pens allow people, who purchase them, to detect if someone is using special, high tech equipment to spy on them, or stealthily record their conversations.

Spy detector pens are very easy to conceal and because it is a pen, is not very suspicious, unless you are a spy of course. Now quite frankly, these pens aren’t for everyone. In fact, unless you are convinced that you are under close surveillance, or that someone you plan on meeting with secretly has a on wire, you may want to save your money. I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that 99.5% of people will never need such a device. Nevertheless it would make a pretty fun gag gift.

Spy detector pens were created to uncover transmitters or small microphones that spy’s typically use. Each pen has a light-emitting diode (LED), which is used as an indicator devise. It begins to pulsate when it picks up a frequency that is consistent with spy devices. Typical spy frequencies are between 900 and 3000 MHz. The spy detector pen can pick up conscious devices with those frequencies.

The LED begins to pulsate more frequently the closer that you come to the signal emitter source. This allows you to uncover where or with whom, the spy device is hiding. The detector pen can also tell if someone is wearing a wire, or some other hidden device.

The spy detector pen doesn’t stop with just outing spies. It also can be used to check for counterfeit bills. If no fake bills or spies are around, you can use the pen, well, for writing.

Now you might think that such a powerful device would be out of the reach, price wise, of most individuals. However, the facts are, that the Auto Detector Pen is quite affordable. In fact, you can order one from a company called Chinavasion for around $16. Chinavasion is a wholesale electronics online store that sells common and uncommon, electronics and gadgets. They also have other spy related items. You can find a mini lighter spy camera, a mini video/audio camera that looks like a pack of gum, a bionic ear that allows you to hear clearly from up to 100 meters away and sunglasses that have a camera and audio recorder, amongst others.

The spy detector pen might be a great gift for the gadget or spy infectiondo. It would also be very useful for the career criminal or someone who is laundering counterfeit bills. For the average, non-paranoid, law-abiding citizen, there is really little use for such a device. But it sure sounds like a lot of fun.

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