Spybot S&D – Search and Destroy Review

Unlike many other so-called “spyware removers” out there, this one in particular actually does the job well – and to top it off, the program doesn’t cost you a dime to have on your computer in its, of course, full version.

I’ve been using this for several years, and when I mean “several”, we’re talking over 3 years. That’s exactly what’s what in my case, as ever since 2004 when a friend of mine recommended me this – and this was during a time in which I was just learning the “bad sides” of a computer so to speak and where it would be completely fine for anyone to have called me computer illiterate. With the issues I had on my computer, I was nothing but skeptical, thinking that it would take for me to bring my computer on over to a local technician. Boy, was I wrong on that one! Now, aside from what it provides to the user, Spybot has its fair share (although small) of bugs that you would see every now and then – but rarely, however.

Exactly what features are included in the program you say? First of all, there’s a strong scanning engine that is 97% (roughly) of the time bound to pick up any threat that’s lying around your computer. Needless to compare to other “spyware removers”, that feat alone makes it one of the better ones – heck, I would say best ones to have ever been released to computer owners. Secondly, Spybot has the feature of “immunizing” – which gives you the benefit of blocking out certain websites that, not to mention, you can also add to avoid the possibility of those harmful websites ever reaching your computer. Good stuff, eh? Furthermore, Spybot provides the user with a feature called “Secure Shredder”, in which it would permanently delete a file “beyond recovery”, as it’s been to be called. And, instead of having to download a separate program therefore not having to eat up any additional space, Spybot also has the “System Startup” feature in which the user is able to select which programs they want to have load up once the computer is turned on and you’re at the desktop, hence the “System Startup” name.

Ultimately, I would think that it’s safe to say that if the case happens to be that Spybot is nowhere around your computer, then you’re definitely in the minority! I mean, with a program that is definitely worth buying and that in this instance is free, what’s there to lose?

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