Summers are on – Where is Uttoran Sen?

I remember a similar kind of article I wrote a year or so back. Looks like am developing a habit of taking a summer vacation πŸ˜› Firstly, am sorry for not updating this blog for so long and I must add a thank you to James for keeping this blog active with his articles. He has written two guest articles in the past weeks, β€œ10 Google Search Tips & Tricks” and β€œ10 Practical Steps You Need to Take to Keep Your Blog’s Data Safe”. On that note, I would like to announce that tech nascent is accepting guest blog posts, so if anyone wants to write blog post for tech nascent, please check out the guest post page.

Yeah, I was kind of busy; I did quite a few things in the past few months. Firstly I sold out a social site that I was having, then I sold or got rid of some micro niche blogs that I was keeping for some time. This is nothing new, I have been trying to dispose my micro niche blogs for some time, and I remember that I have also posted an article about it a long time back, β€œTips to be a Better Niche Blogger”. There I mentioned that I was selling, merging or expanding my niche blogs as I hate closed niche blogs. Tech nascent is more than just a tech blog, it is my personal blog too, I keep posting my personal life on tech nascent from time to time, so even if I leave tech nascent un-updated for a while, I will never abandon it.

Anyways, am back now, whatever you call it, writers block, webmaster fatigue or simple and straight forward and rather honest, β€œlazy” but am back! You will find a lot more posts at tech nascent from now on because in the past few months, no matter how busy I was, I still had loads of blogging and post ideas flooding through my head, and now it’s time to put them on paper. Make sure to subscribe on tech nascent, so that you don’t miss any.

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6 comments on “Summers are on – Where is Uttoran Sen?
  1. TechChunks says:

    Glad to see you posting again, Uttoran! Hope you had a refreshing vacation πŸ™‚

    • uttoransen says:

      thanks techchunks,
      Yep, i had quite a long vacation, its too hot here, over 40 degree on most days… i would not call it exactly refreshing but still it is sometimes good to take rest from active blogging πŸ™‚

  2. Vinay says:

    Welcome back bro πŸ™‚ Hope to see you give us some nice posts πŸ™‚

  3. Anish K.S @ Technics says:

    Welcome Back, i think your blog faced some problems, while visiting my Anti-Virus Warns me.

    • uttoransen says:

      yes, it faced some hacking problems, then i moved on to hostgator and its been good since. let me know if there is still any errors or alerts you are getting…

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