Summers are on – Where was I for so long?

Hello friends, I was kind of busy off line, so could not update this column with my random ramblings. Here’s a point wise breakdown of what I was doing.

Initially, I was really busy with my ear. While bathing, some water went into my ear, and I tried matchstick to get the water out. Bad idea really, got infection instantly and later the pain started to grow a lot. I thought it might cure itself; it didn’t and finally had to go to the doctor. The ENT specialist gave a hell lot of medicine, and some injections, which cured the ear pain quickly but due to their antibiotic characteristic, the spots where they were poked are still paining sometimes.

Before that something strange happened. My cousin sister, who is also a journalist at India today, somehow convinced me to read the last two books of the Harry Potter series. I don’t read books, and am not proud of that. However, I had my mindset to watch the Harry Potter films first and read the books later if at all. But with all those half told stories of Harry Potter by my cousin, I kind of jumped into buying, “half blood Prince” and the “Deathly hallows”. I read the books and there was a time while I was like halfway through the books in the middle of the night, reading about those horcruxes made me feel very much afraid. Imagine reading those stuffs at 3 A.M. and then closing my computer room on the second floor, coming downstairs, closing the lights and getting into my bed. Yes almost shaking but I loved every word of it, thanks Rowling, however can’t say, keep up the good work, as you won’t be writing more about Harry Potter.

But all that’s past, now I have lots of free time and am completely devoting all my time to my blog. Am planning to post everyday about random things like “how to do this” or “how to do that” and a lot more tips and tutorials on anything and everything. Keep visiting my blog and Subscribe to my Feeds if you don’t want to miss anything.

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