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Mind Your Mobile Manners

Recent survey informs us that manners in the office are on the decline, particularly where mobile phones and Blackberries and androids are concerned. What should you do to improve the quality of your interactions.

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Police Improperly Punished For Posting Pictures Of Perps On Social Platforms

While teachers are being disciplined to the fullest for pointing out their pupils and parents faults online police officers face little or no admonishment when they post filmed footage of incidents they attend on line, ultimately jeopardizing legal proces

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How to setup Facebook fan page for your Blog

Facebook is the most popular social networking site throughout the Internet and one thing that makes this social network useful to bloggers is the fan page setup and the facebook share feature. However, for someone new to facebook, creating a

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Vidyartha College Facebook Virus

Vidyartha college facebook virus is a bug in the facebook system or possibly it’s a virus that is changing some details of your facebook account. So far it looks pretty much harmless, but its still pose a big threat to

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Facebook Lite – Low on Features – High on Speed

Social networking giant, “facebook” launched a lighter version of their main website. As it reads on the website, “The fastest way to keep in touch” facebook lite is surely fast. However, to make it fast, facebook has blocked certain functionality

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