Tech Nascent Completes One Year – The Journey So Far

technascent visitors stats

technascent visitors stats

On December 2008, tech nascent has completed one year. The first year of technascent was full of ups and downs. When I started technascent last year, I wanted it to become a tech article directory. Later when I saw only Spam coming its way and no real content being submitted, I changed my plans and made it a tech blog. I always wanted this site to be a big website with lots of traffic, however I only got myself to blame for it not being as good as I wanted it to be.

I converted this site to a wordpress blog and copied all the articles from the old site to this blog and re-directed all the old articles to the blog post of this new blog. Things at tech nascent are looking to settle down finally. I have almost completed all the editing part of the theme and the blog looks ready, all the plugins that I need are installed.

Here is some stats for tech nascent so far. In the last one year, technascent got 7,134 unique visits and 14,636 page views. Search Engines sent a total of 3,483.00 (48.82%) and Referring Sites sent a total of 2,272.00 (31.85%) visitors. Google has sent 23% of the total visits and yahoo 22%. Stumble upon sent a 16% of the total visitors; almost all of it was when the site started.

My future plans with technascent:

  • I would like to reach the 100 unique visitors a day target first. That’s my next 30 days target.
  • Entering the 100k Alexa ranks will be cool, and a 3 months time will be good to achieve that.
  • I will start a few contests or may be a blog challenge with another blog will be good.
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7 comments on “Tech Nascent Completes One Year – The Journey So Far
  1. ZK@Internet Marketing Blog says:

    Congrats , way to go

  2. 2009 Goals says:

    Nice goals but I would aim higher if I was you. 100 visitors daily is not hard at all. I get 200 – 500 visitors daily and I feel that’s kind of low. Just focus on some promotion and you’ll do fine.

  3. admin says:

    hi kushmoney, thanks for your comments,

    the blog gets about 20 visitors daily, so 100 visitors daily in the next 30 days time is a pretty good target.
    Note: this is a monthly goal, and not an yearly goal.

    I only target search engine visitors, and i will prefer more of content rather than promotions at this stage.

  4. Will McCulloch says:

    Hi Uttoran,

    It’s interesting to look back at this no doubt as you near reaching the 2 year mark. I wonder what your targets are now for 2010 ?

    Anyway, some nice information in your blog – and if you’d like it to be included in the Technology category on …. please just let me know.

    Best wishes from Hamburg

    .-= Will McCulloch´s last blog =-.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      yep, yesterday i went through all the old posts and check out all the targets and goals i have set for tech nascent. I will make a full post on 2010 goals, i have loads of plans for tech nascent and finally am ready to put down all the hard work it requires.

      It will be a pleasure to get listed on the technology category of, am looking foreword to it,


  5. Penny Stocks says:

    hey Congrats buddy on completing one year of your blog and hope this journey continuous very long period. Good Luck
    your blog is having good visitors in a year 😉

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