Technology in India – Massive Brain Drain

India, a very ancient nation, immensely rich in culture, history, literature and arts is also making rapid progress in the field of technology. Considering that India, which is only in its 61st year of independence and self-governance, has made great progress in this field. Technology, both with the help of technologically advanced nations and indigenously developed has made India into an emerging superpower. India over the years has made inroads into the field of space technology, computers, medicine and electronic appliances. India has a well-funded space program, better than most similar economies.

We have our own satellite launching centers and we have successfully launched many satellites into space. Initially started with Russian technological help, we now have our own indigenously produced satellites with very competent and professional team of scientists. We also have an ambitious program for the future with plans of sending manned flights into space in the near future. In the field of information technology India truly is a global superpower with the majority of developed nations sourcing work related to that field from India. The country boasts of a rich source of brainpower in IT and related segments. With major players in the IT industry opening up offices in many cities in India, this field has truly seen a phenomenal growth. Standards have gone up and new and new projects are coming up in India and this in turn has seen a huge demand for manpower with the necessary skill sets.

With a sound educational infrastructure in place, India has no problems in meeting the demands of this technology driven industry. Medicine is also a field where Indians are quite advanced and are on par with developed countries in most segments in this filed. Indian hospitals and doctors are state of the art and it comes as no surprise that, medical tourism is on the rise because of the professional and competent staff and facility sand also because of the low cost involved. These days it’s become the norm for many patients from advanced nations to come to India for treatment making use of the facilities offered here. Apart from all these, India has progressed in all technological areas with most of the development made in-house and also investment into research and development has gone up many folds indicating our self-sufficiency and also the need to constantly update ourselves to be on par with the rest of the world.

All this have taken place and is continually taking place in spite of massive brain drain out of India, with a significant percentage of skilled and competent Indians vying for greener pastures overseas. If all these resources were tapped into, also with an increase in state funding into technology research and development, we can say, sky is the limit for India and the possibility of India being a technological superpower cannot be too far ahead. An economically, militarily and technologically strong India is definitely good not only for its own people but also for the whole world.

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    This is such a great post on this subject. I do agree entirely. Please keep posting. I just love technology.

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