Television – Hitachi UT32-MH700A

The Japanese are the best when it comes to electronic wizardry. Their range of electronic and consumer items have always been among the top ones in the world. The Hitachi Company perfectly reflects the above statement and comes up with regular innovations to its product range. The Hitachi UT32-MH700A is a prime example of their innovative introductions in the electronic segment. The UT32-MH700A is a LCD television that has been introduced in the Indian markets targeting the mid range customers.

This model is an ultra thin 32 inches, as the model name suggests, LCD TV. A definitive improvement in comparison to its previous models where looks are concerned. This model is ultra thin and light and the looks are a treat to the eye. The model is so think it comes mounted on a stand that resembles a PC monitor stand. The black colored TV is mounted on a silver color stand. This color contrast actually reduces the aesthetic appeal of the TV a little bit. All the button controls are at the bottom of the TV facing downwards including the HDMI and dub port.

The LCD comes at 1366*768 pixels and is HD ready. An image enhancer that enables us to view at 100Hz and a dynamic contrast ratio of 10000:1. The brightness of the screen is 500cd/m2 and the response time is 6 minutes.

Some positives:

  • Definite aesthetic appeal with a black slender frame mounted on a small stand. Color combination could have been black all trough but the silver stand does offer us an unconventional perspective.

  • The black saturation is very good enabling greater depth in the pictures.

  • The colors are very vibrant and images generally sharp.

Some negatives:

  • Aesthetics somewhat spoilt by the unconventional silver colored stand.

  • Buttons could have been better positioned and more user friendly.

  • Overall color clarity suffers with a lot of inaccuracies present.

A good buy for the midrange customer and a good addition to the aesthetic appeal of your living room.

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