The Automotive Industry and Smartphone Apps

Applications or Apps as they have been aptly named are an integral feature across all smartphone platforms – at least any worthy of the title ‘smartphone’. The expectations of what a smart phones functions and the added value of such apps has caused an explosion in software development and porting of existing software to utilise this maturing market. An app store in its simplest form a place where one can securely download and install an application (free or paid) over a web browser or dedicated software, directly to their handset. Using such a portal as the apps store, rather than using third party source is the de facto method of obtaining apps and provides the smartphone user with the reassurance this application is trusted and pre-qualified by the operator and obviously build confidence in the operator and their brand.

The resources available for smartphones has spread to the extreme as an example of a bizarre app isĀ  ‘The Perfect Egg Timer’ which use the handsets internal GPS and your observations to predict the time needed to perfectly cook a boiled egg – and very accurately too. More relational to the automotive industry there is an increasing popularity amongst firms and developers to integrate everything and anything into mobile devices, thus making them all singing and dancing – a device you need replacing many independent devices with just the one.

Satnav is one such example of app integration into our smartphones and is one of the most used while driving. There are tons of different suites from the major players in this market Tomtom, Navman etc. as well as new entrants Google and even smaller developers, some implement traffic monitoring add-ons or run over mobile Internet.

Open tune provides an innovative device which connects to your handset through wireless 802.11, this interesting (but expensive) device allows one to do wide band tuning and such and displays some great graphs and statistics directly to your smartphone handset.

Automotive Smartphone Apps

Automotive Smartphone Apps

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There are about 16 standalone odometers the last time I checked, ideal for a digital read of your speed, and essential if your speedo is broken. I found them to be more accurate than the standard speedo.

The automotive industry has much more to offer than odometers and tuning devices, I believe over the coming years we are likely to see a wave of fresh products which will see added value for our vehicles. A couple of ideas I had for apps I would like to see:

  • A car key app – one which knows when its in proximity of your vehicle and requests a toucan such as finger print and password to open the vehicle.
  • All Seeing Eye – many modern luxury vehicles have front and rear cameras, with a mount we could see the smartphone used as a monitor for these views which is removed at the end of each journey.
  • Security center – Connect with the cars internal security, alert the handset when the alarm is triggered, the lights are left on etc.

Do you use any apps specifically for an automotive purpose? Are there any apps you would like to see integrated into your smartphone which would help your journey?

This Guest Article was written exclusively for Tech Nascent by blogger Ivan, who blogs and writes on behalf of Trucker to Trucker who can help you find new and used trucks for sale as well as having a wide range of commercial trucks for sale.

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2 comments on “The Automotive Industry and Smartphone Apps
  1. Vancouver Chrysler says:

    I’ve been using Navman and I would love to try Satnav to have access to lots of Smartphone Apps. Indeed wireless technology has offered us lots of devices that boost road safety and convenient travel.

  2. Vancouver Dodge says:

    I don’t have a car-centered application on my phone yet, but I certainly would like to see one which has can give traffic reports and can also suggest you what other route you can take to avoid traffic. Or is there already an application like this?

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