The Best Dental Websites – Rules to Good Dental Website Design

When it comes to designing dental websites, it is very important that visitors are able to navigate the site easily. At the same time, dentist websites should be captivating enough to catch the attention of visitors. Although there are a lot of dental website templates to choose from in the internet, the best dental websites are often those that are unique and custom made for that particular dental clinic. Not all people have the eye to blend colors and create eye-catching layouts. For this reason, most dentists delegate the task of dental website design to a company that specializes in that field. Although someone else will be doing the work, dentists should know the basics of what makes a good dental website.

The first impression always last and that holds true even when viewing websites. For that reason, a good dental site should be able to catch the eye of the visitors right away without making it very difficult for them to right away explore the site. Flash intro pages might look great but sometimes they prevent the visitor from accessing the site especially if the flash page takes a very long time to load. Generally, the website should look professional and organized. It would be good to carry out a certain theme in all of the pages and some sort of logo to be present as this can be used as branding tool.



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Good dental web design dictates that the visitor should be able to easily navigate through the pages. The links should be very visible and the labels for the different pages should be accurate. What visitors hate the most is misleading links which often causes confusion. Some of these visitors are busy professionals who want to browse through the site in a swift manner and then schedule an appointment. If it takes 20 minutes for the visitor to find the page designated for setting appointments, then chances are he’s already visited another dental website.

The credibility of the site is of utmost importance. For that reason, it should be imperative for dental websites to contain short biographies of the dentists who work for that clinic as well as the staff. At the same time, the website should show the emblems of the dental associations that the dentists and the clinic are members of. Awards and photo galleries of the dentist’s work should also be included to establish trust and credibility.

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