Tips to be a Better Niche Blogger

Niche blogging helps in many ways for example getting related links from related blogs and sites, networking with the specific niche, on topic readers and commentators and rss feed readers that do not get bored with off topic information and most of all you can settle yourself an expert and your blog as an authority on your selected niche. However going niche is not an easy task, it requires a lot of planning; here are some tips for better niche blogging.

Don’t make sites on closed niches – If you make a keyword specific niche blog then you will be limited to that closed niche only which will have a limited scope and once you have written those 20 to 50 articles the blog will become a static site. It won’t grow, it won’t have anything fresh and all it will be is a MFA blog whose main objective is to show ads. So plan a lot on the growth possibilities of the blog before you select a domain and start a blog on it. Remember, its brands that the search engines are after, not a 3+ word domain with plenty of dashes.

What if you already have closed niche blog? In case you have already done this, then you have a few limited choices:

  • Keep it – If it’s making you money and you have traffic on it then keep it. Not asking you to sell out something good just because it can’t be updated.
  • Expand anyhow – if you can find any scope for expansion, I know the domain might not permit but still the niche will surely have more scope. Look at the domain, read the words of it and see if it can be expanded in another very close or similar niche, then do it.
  • Sell it – I don’t like selling things that don’t work, so I won’t recommend it. What’s the point of selling something that did not worked for you and is a loss making thing.
  • Merge it – Yeah, do it. If you have a blog on the niche that can be expanded, or you can simply buy a new domain that has all the scope of growth and is brandable then its time to start merging. Type down all the articles from your old MFA site and write it on your main site, then install the redirection plugin on your old blog. Once you have done that, simply re-direct all the old articles to the new ones on your main blog. This will in time kill your old blog and your new or main blog will gain authority and content which will be helpful for its growth. I like the merging idea, you not only killed a wasted MFA blog but you also added quality to your brandable blog.

Once you have set up your niche blog, its time to do a few more things.

  • Submit to niche directories – Yes, niche directories are not just good for related link building but also is a great way to build related readers. Niche directories have loyal readers, which might become a loyal reader of your blog, that is, if you can retain readership with quality content from time to time.
  • Tweet related stuff – Make a niche twitter account and tweet stuff from that specific niche and along with your regular tweets, sometimes tweet up some of your niche posts.
  • Network with the other bloggers of your niche – it will be hard to start out, as you are new and the experts might feel you not worthy to talk to, but remember you got nothing to give them but you can get loads of experiences out of them, so keep trying and keep patience. In the starting, you can simply comment on their blog regularly and even link to their posts at times.
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4 comments on “Tips to be a Better Niche Blogger
  1. Will McCulloch says:

    Useful article thanks – and, for me, the best tip was left until last.
    You can’t beat networking in your own niche as far as I’m concerned.


    .-= Will McCulloch´s last blog =-.

  2. Sushant says:

    niche blogging takes time to build up audience
    .-= Sushant´s last blog ..Aston Martin + Recession = Cygnet =-.

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