U.S. Federal Communications Commission FCC calls for Neutrality

Internet firms are now required to maintain network neutrality as per the new rules proposed by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission – FCC chairman. Julius Genachowski, the FCC chief proposed two rules. Firstly, to slow down or block web content that is bandwidth killer like videos etc. and secondly the ISPs have to be more open and transparent about how they work out network traffic. Both rules are about being fair as a company that controls the access to the Internet.

Obama has supported this concept and so did the big companies like Google and Ebay. This idea is to keep the Internet free and open to all, it’s not about government rules and regulations or governmental control over the Internet. However the tele communication firms on both sides of the Atlantic has problems. They are arguing that the high bandwidth video etc. type of content costs them more money and it should be partly paid by the websites or the consumers.

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