Utilize Two OS in a Single PC – Windows 7 with Vista or XP

Do you want to take advantage of the features embedded in the latest Windows 7 without getting rid of your existing Windows OS, per se Vista or XP, perhaps If so, then you may have to consider creating a dual boot in your PC with Windows 7, together with its latest predecessors – XP or Vista. Certainly this is possible and the output is fine. Yet, the functionality and performance would depend much on how you did the prior methods. Thus, you must do the right thing from the start down to the very last dual-boot creation process.

To give you some guide, here is one of the most commonly used methods utilized by many of those who attempted to dual boot their PCs with Windows 7 and Vista or XP.

  • Secure a copy of Windows 7 Beta OS You can download Windows 7 Beta software, and then burn it to a CD or DVD. Use the CD or DVD to perform a fresh installation of the new OS. Of course, you too must have a CD or DVD burning tool for the burning process. Most preferred burning tool is the ImgBurn. You, then have to burn the ISO file.
  • Create a partition on you hard disk drive. Prior to the installation of Windows 7, you need to make a fresh partition on your disk drive. This partition will seize the latest installation of Windows. The partition differs from the OS, which is currently running in your computer, either Vista or XP. Note that Vista has its built-in partition tool while XP does not.

1. Creating a partition in Windows XP Hard Disk Drive – Since XP doesn’t have its own tool for drive partitioning, you have to download third-party software to partition the disk drive. The commonly used is GParted Live CD. It is an open source bootable CD for disk drives partitioning. Of course, it is free of charge.

Here’s how – Start by downloading GParted Live CD software. Burn it to a CD or DVD. Restart your PC and reboot from the disk you burn. You’ll be prompted with the interface for partitioning. Be sure to free enough space for Win 7 by adjusting the drive space. The minimum system requirement is 16gigabytes, which is to be allotted for Windows 7. Lastly, create a new partition in the available space and save the changes you’ve made.

2. Creating a partition in Windows Vista Hard Disk Drive – Vista is already embedded with a disk-partitioning tool for you to utilize.

Here’s how – To locate the tool go to Control Panel then select System and Maintenance option (if in Category view). Proceed to the Administrative Tools, and then select Computer Management option. Click on Disk Management located beneath the Storage label. Then begin the partitioning process. From the extra space, make a New Simple Volume for new partition.

3. Install Windows 7 –  After partitioning the drives, start installing the Windows 7 OS on the new partition allotted for it.

How to install – Use the CD or DVD containing the ISO file you burnt at first. Configure the BIOS settings and set the primary boot to the CDDVD. Restart your computer. It should boot from the CD or DVD. Follow the installation wizard procedure. Be sure to use Custom or Advanced installation and choose the new partition you’ve created. Be sure to choose the right partition for you not to override the other Windows installation. Proceed to the next step. This is where the installers do their part. All you have to do is properly respond to the questions or boxes that would ask for certain information to complete the entire process. Then a fresh access of Windows 7 should be on your screen after restarting

As mentioned earlier, several dual-boot creation methods are recently available. This is just one of the many options you can make use of. In the end, the choice is still yours. The bottom line is to succeed in the entire process, thereby, making your computer work as it should, after completing everything.

Guest post by – Arijit Bose

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  1. steppinout says:

    Really useful step by step guide for those who’s planning to create dual boot. I use EasyBCD to create and handling my dual boot (Vista and Windows 7).
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    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi steppinout,
      welcome to technascent and thanks for your comments,

      yep, there’s plenty of 3rd party tools that dose the work nicely, however i always like to do my work manually…

  2. Kiran says:

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  3. Rajesh Kanuri says:

    useful step by step guide for beginners..
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  4. Shabnam Sultan says:

    Nice info 🙂 useful for people who want to create dual boot.Thanks, for sharing and your visit to my blog. Keep posting.
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  5. TechChunks says:

    That’s a great tip. Let me try it in my new laptop.

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  6. Tech Nascent says:

    @ arijit,

    xp too has a build in disk partitioning tool, right click on my computer and go to manage… in the storage options you will find disk management option, its a great feature and is very underrated,

    anyways, thanks for the article, its cool,

  7. Shivaraj says:

    Nice tip… 🙂

  8. Himanshu says:

    Can you please tell me how much RAM is needed to run both the OS on a same PC, I am using 1.5GB RAM for VISTA and I know it is too less.

    Anyways nice tutorial, I learned a lot.

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    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi Himanshu,
      will have to wait for the author to reply, however i have run a lot of duel boot systems myself with windows98 and xp which runs pretty good with 512mb of ram, but seeing as vista needs 1GB of ram alone and that’s minimum requirement, i guess vista and windows 7 would not run smoothly with 1.5GB of ram. Though, if its vista + XP or windows7 + XP then it should not have a problem IMO.

  9. Ankit says:

    Nice tutorial for newbies. BTW post re-tweeted. 🙂
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  11. Brianna Lee says:

    Windows Vista is good but it can hog your CPU and Memory.’*.

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