Vacuuming with Cleanmate 365 Smart Cleaning Robot

If vacuuming the floors is not your thing, say hello to the groundbreaking cleaning robot – Cleanmate 365. Doing household chores can be very tiring, especially if you have a big house. One of the most innovative technological household gadgets around today, the Cleanmate 365 is a special kind of robot, which is programmed to vacuum and sweep your floors. It will end your tiresome misery to cleaning the floors of your house. It is very compact compared to bulky vacuum cleaners. With its sleek circular shape and wireless remote activation, it can reach most areas a regular vacuum cleaner can’t.

The Cleanmate 365 doesn’t need to be constantly monitored when it cleans. It stands out from the rest with its unique pre-programmed cleaning patterns. The features of this special cleaning robot include automatic cruise system and embedded remote system, as well as a warning alarm in rare moments when the robot gets stuck. It has built in sensors that allow the unit to detect obstacles, avoid falling down stairs, and avoid getting stuck under pieces of furniture. It also has a front bumper to help the unit detect if it had ran into something, changing the course of direction accordingly if it actually did.

The amazing automatic cruise system of the Cleanmate 365 works superbly in cleaning your floors. It is designed to follow in order certain cleaning patterns. First, in special bounce mode, the robot bounces from surface to surface in random directions. Spiral mode comes next, with the unit spiraling outward until hitting an obstacle. Next is the S shape mode, which moves around in the pattern of the letter S. Then it moves along the wall to sweep the dust in the corners with its effective spinning side brush. It does other spiraling patterns until it gets the job done.

If you prefer to control the robot manually to suit your cleaning preferences, you can use the handy remote to control every function of the robot. Using the remote, you can turn the vacuum on the unit on or off, turn the UV light on or off, start it on automatic cleaning mode, set the timer, or even steer the unit manually.

The Cleanmate 365 is capable of removing allergens such as dust and pet hairs with its highly efficient rolling brush. It has UV light radiation to disinfect the surfaces it cleans. It also has a spinning brush on each side, which is very effective at cleaning up dust and dirt.

A major drawback others may find is that the robot doesn’t pick up large debris. But come to think of it, cleaning a regular house surface doesn’t need this feature, not unless you want toys and documents, which are lying on the floor to be picked up. The robot is only designed to sweep the floors of dust and small to medium particles. You have to make do with this function, which is actually not a drawback to say the least.

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