Vidyartha College Facebook Virus

Vidyartha college facebook virus is a bug in the facebook system or possibly it’s a virus that is changing some details of your facebook account. So far it looks pretty much harmless, but its still pose a big threat to the privacy and security of your personal facebook accounts. The virus has changed quite a few people’s facebook school name to Vidyartha, which is a school in Sri Lanka, nothing related to India though.

Apparently, no official information has been made from facebook or Vidyartha on this matter, and this virus or bug is also not doing much other than just changing your school or college names to Vidyartha. So, if you are one of those that are affected, then its time to do a few things:

  • Change your facebook password and choose a password with letters and numbers.
  • Scan your computer with an anti virus and don’t forget to update the anti virus before scanning. We don’t know exactly if this virus is affecting the local computer of the user, though no harm in getting prepared.
  • Inform the facebook team about it.

This virus thing of facebook got a lot of air but its still too early, so lets just wait and see what happens next, no need to panic over it.

Vidyartha College has a huge reputation in Sri Lanka, its over 65 years old and is a very respected educational institution.

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