Webroot Spy Sweeper Review

It’s one of those programs that if you intend on getting an insight of and have no intentions on directly buying it (or not even having the money to do so), you’ll soon find yourself wondering things such as “what’s the use?”. That in particular refers to the trial that Webroot has provided for the user, and apparently enough, they’re trying their hardest to convince the user that they actually do have infections and putting them in a situation in which they would have no other choice but to purchase the software in full – without even the convenience of removing those infections. That I’ll never know why.

The program itself looks fairly good when we’re talking appearance, but aside from that, Webroot’s “ever-so-handy” program (as they’re trying to make you to believe) scans your computer at nothing more than decent speed, and that’s something that I tend to avoid in security programs. Welp, there I went, stumbling across a program that really does NOTHING at all for your computer which of course gives you absolutely no idea as to its performance, features and most importantly, results, aside from that of a illegitimate set. I used another program for comparison purposes – that being one that I have used for many years that still, to this day, does the job and very darn well at that, Spybot S&D, and then it happened. It was pretty much proven that Spy Sweeper is nothing more than just a joke, given that Spybot picked up a couple of serious threats while on the other hand, Spy Sweeper decided to go out of its way and pick up seemingly enough its own set of “imaginary” results. That was enough to convince me to throw this in the dump, never intending on using it ever again no matter what the circumstances are. It’s a big shame the amount of money Webroot’s charging the user ($30), to make matters even worse! Simply said – avoid this at all costs.

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