What Gets You Working? – Some Ways to Fuel Your Productivity Fire

Whether you are a student or you’re currently employed, you are doubtlessly aware that lack of productivity can severely drain your sense of fulfillment at work. No one can say honestly that they always enjoy working or studying, but at the end of the day, if you’ve really thrown yourself into whatever task you have to complete – whether it’s fixing a gadget or developing a software program – you’ll feel good about yourself.

The key is to keep yourself going, even when you don’t feel like you want to. But what do we do about these moments when work is the very last thing we want to do? Here are a few traditional (and not so traditional) ways to recharge your battery and get you going, so that you’ll attain that sense of accomplishment that we all seek before we go to bed.

1. Rev up the caffeine intake.



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Sometimes, a cup of coffee or tea is enough to get you through work or study time blues. Be careful about how much you consume, however. Drinking too much too fast will only make you jittery and more distracted. Then a few hours later you’ll experience the caffeine crash which will just make you sleepy. Keep your caffeine levels slow and steady for enhanced productivity.

2. Take a walk.

A new study shows that sitting is bad for your health in various respects. For those of you who work in technology or computer-related industries, the chances that you spend most of your working life sitting are very high. So if you’ve been sitting for a while, consider taking a short walk anywhere. The fresh air and movement will get your blood pumping. And sometimes all the brain needs for increased productivity is a little bit of light exercise.

3. Read poetry.

I’m not sure why, but sometimes reading a little bit of poetry is the perfect break to get my mind going. Sometimes, all we need is a little creative inspiration to start working again. And poetry is perfect because it only take a few minutes to read, it won’t completely distract you from your work the way a novel or a short story would, and it has a certain rhythm that you can bring to whatever task you need to do. As a tech worker myself, reading poetry is an excellent break, because it gives you some much-needed time out from highly technical work, but it still contains some technical aspects to it, namely in the form of meter and rhyme.

4. Phone a friend.

Whenever we working, we are usually by ourselves, and, again, this is especially true of those who work on computers in tech industries. Too much alone time can make you tired and bored. Calling a friend you haven’t talked to in a while is a great way to take a little break to communicate with the outside world. It’s better than instant or text messaging, where we have a tendency to want to study or work while we send messages. When we call someone, we usually don’t talk for more than half an hour, and sharing some news with a friend or family member lightens your stress and mood. Since stress is a huge culprit in productivity drain, if we take some time to reduce the stress by talking it out, we can get back to work with renewed energy.

These are just a few ways to get you back in the groove working. Everyone has their own ritual, and some are more effective than others. The key is to identify the times when you aren’t being very productive, and finding out ways to get you out of the rut, so to speak. You won’t always be successful, but taking breaks and doing something that will get your mind refocused is always a good idea.

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3 comments on “What Gets You Working? – Some Ways to Fuel Your Productivity Fire
  1. download tv commercials says:

    Revving up the caffiene intake can also have adverse effects. Gotta be careful with anything that affects your nervous behavior!

  2. Madras Geek says:

    I just go for a walk. it helps me to get re-energized

  3. Tipsum says:

    I take a walk after every 1 hour of work. Otherwise I feel very lazy to do any physical activity. Also increases the blood flow and also leads to better thinking.

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