Why does Google have two L’s

Why dose the logo of Google have two L today? Well the two L is looking like 11 and it’s the 11th birthday of Google, so hence it is. The Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google search engine completed its 11th birthday on 27th September and Google doodle is celebrating that. Apparently, whatever Google doodle is celebrating is getting a lot of air, remember the flying saucer thing, people on facebook and twitter got crazy about it. at the moment they are wondering why Google is having the two LL’s in place of 1.

If your country is already having a Sunday then you will likely see the doodle logo of Google on the google.com homepage.

Happy birthday Google, wish you many [query] returns of the day.

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One comment on “Why does Google have two L’s
  1. a_usman says:

    Oh, I didnt notice it that google is having two L’s.Happy birthday to Google, the best out of best searh engine.

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