Why is Google spelled wrong

People are wondering why is Google spelled wrong on the logo of Google search engine homepage. Some people have also started debates of Google getting hacked and hackers have put up an in correct version of the Google logo as a sign of being hacked. No, Google is not hacked and it’s all fine. Initially I also thought that what has happened, why is there two L in the Google logo instead of one. Then I found out that it’s the 11th birthday of Google and Google doodle is celebrating it.

Yes, it’s the 27 September 2009 and it’s the 11th birthday of the Larry page and Sergey Brin formed search engine and the two l appearing in the Google doodle logo is actually resembling the 11 and that’s why its there.

Google search engine the most popular search engine on the internet, and we at Uttoran Sen dot com wishes Google a very happy and searchful birthday.

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