Will Smartphones be the End of the PC?

Last year I read an article in the Wall Street Journal which suggested the possibility that smartphones may one day replace the PC. It was one of several articles making the rounds in 2010, touting the smartphone as the next big technological advance that would change the way we communicate and do business. While the Wall Street Journal piece was a bit kinder to the PC, other writers in syndicated media and the blogosphere out and out predicted its eventual extinction. As much as I’m a tech-savvy gadget lover, I must humbly disagree.

I do think that the smartphone can replace the PC or laptop for mobile computing needs like checking e-mail, social networking, using multimedia content, etc. But you’ll never convince me that a smartphone will someday take the place of heavy computing needs, especially for business. I’ll use myself as an example because my entire business resides in my laptop.

Smart Phone VS PC

Smart Phone VS PC

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I am a writer. Not only do I use my laptop to produce my profitable pieces of written verbosity, I also use it to store all my articles, keep my business records, track my finances, pay my taxes, and many other things. While many of these tasks can be accomplished with a smart phone, I still can’t see myself pumping out a 1,200 word article on tiny little keyboard using only my thumbs. Maybe a twenty-something college student could perform such a monumental task, but this middle-aged writer would go broke if I had to produce all my work on a smart phone. And I’m not alone.

Can you imagine a graphic artist trying to make a living with an iPhone or an Android? Or how about an accountant trying to handle all the needs of his clients without a laptop or desktop PC? The point is, all of this talk about the smart phone replacing the PC doesn’t take into consideration all of the things we use computers for. In fact, computers have become such an integral part of everyday life that replacing them would be as monumentally difficult as trying to replace the car. Men have been trying to do it for decades, yet here we are still tooling around town in our four-wheel friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-smartphone. They do serve a vital purpose in everyday communications, and they do allow us to leave our laptops at home a lot of the time. For example, smart phones are very useful for business travelers when they have access to computers on both ends of their trip. With a smartphone they can take their data with them while also staying in communication, checking e-mail, texting, and so on.

Smart phones certainly have a place in our culture. And fortunately, they won’t be going anywhere soon. I simply refuse to jump on the bandwagon and claim the death-knell for the PC. If that makes me a computer snob, so be it.

Article was provided Guest Author James who works for encoded.co.uk, a world leadingĀ phone payment service provider.

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  1. Laptop Reviews says:

    Yes they pretty much are. Smartphones are equipped with great powers these days !

  2. Tablet Reviews says:

    Well although we can argue that yes smartphones may cause the end of the PC, but I think that chances of tablets doing that is pretty high as well.

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