WordPress blogs running on older versions getting hacked – WordPress Update Tips

WordPress blogs running on older wordpress versions are getting hacked due to security flaws. So if you have a self hosted wordpress blog running on an older version then its time for you to update. I updated all my blogs and some were running on version older than 2.7 where automatic update was not available. Read it in full to know how I did it.

Upgrading wordpress is not so difficult as it seems. But still most bloggers worry that if things messed up and the blog goes down, then it will be hard to get it back online. However, I have upgraded a lot of blogs and everything seems to be running smoothly. Though, don’t take chances, make sure you have made wordpress database backups before you proceed further.

Steps to upgrade wordpress 2.7 and above to the latest version.

  • Make database backup.
  • Disable all plugins.
  • Click on the auto update link on the admin dashboard of wordpress.
  • Sit back and relax while wordpress completes the upgrade.
  • Once complete, re-activate all plugins and if some plugins are not compatible, “redirection” plugins was having some problems, so I upgraded it and its ok now.

Steps to upgrade older versions of wordpress to the latest version that is versions before 2.7.

  • On versions before 2.7, the auto update was not available. So we have two choices here, upgrade it manually, I don’t have that courage neither I have that skill, so I took the second option, while is, “wordpress auto update plugin”. Just download it and unzip it, after that upload it to your plugins directory. Once activated, the plugin will give an update option on the top of your admin dashboard in wordpress.
  • Make sure to disable all plugins and make database backup before you proceed. I had made manual database backups however this plugin also gives backup options.
  • Once everything is ready, hit the update link on top of the dashboard. The update will start; this is a step-by-step update. Read it clearly and understand every step before clicking to proceed. Once everything is done, activate the plugins and update those plugins if needed.

If something still messes up, post on the support forums of wordpress, they are good at helping people.

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5 comments on “WordPress blogs running on older versions getting hacked – WordPress Update Tips
  1. TechChunks says:

    Good advice and nice tutorial. Thanks 🙂

    I hate to be looked like a whiner but spotted few typos above.

    – Guess you wanted to mean “security flaws” in place of “security flows” in the very first sentence of this blog post. {I know how built-in spell-checkers are dumb enough to miss such typos. Experienced myself before :)]

    – You probably wanted to mean “Click on the auto update link ON the admin dashboard of wordpress.”

    Minor glitches but I thought you would perhaps want to fix them. Cheers!
    .-= TechChunks´s last blog ..In-Flight Internet Takes Off. WiFi reaches the Sky =-.

  2. Dinesh says:

    Yup bro! Agree with you. Chances of getting hacked increases on older versions of WP. Few days back our blog was also messed up while upgrading, but somehow we were able to recover it using Google Cache.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi Dinesh, welcome to technascent and thanks for your comments,

      yep, one of our blogs got hacked some time back and we had to do the same as well, some from google cache, some from archieves, it is really a very hard work, that’s why its always good to keep backups and update the wp version 🙂

  3. Penny Stocks says:

    actually i didnt knew how to take blogs backup but thanx for providing the link to uttoransen.com post

    i will take backup and upgrade my wp blog tonight, thanx 😉

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