Yahoo Buys Full Page ads in Times of India

Yahoo is planning on spending $100 million to connect to you and bought a full-page ad in Times of India newspaper, right on the front page dated October 5th as a part of that mission. The campaign is about personalization, named as, “It’s Y!ou”. Yahoo plans to keep you at the center and build a business or services around it. It sure sounds good when they say, “the Internet is under new management, yours”. Yahoo on its part had launched quite a few new services like Yahoo Meme and had also changed its homepage and gave new features in the email etc. So yahoo is certainly moving towards providing you with things you want.

However, Google has undoubtedly set itself center stage in the economies of the growing nations like India and china, which has kept it loads ahead from msn and yahoo. No matter what yahoo dose, not that its not trying hard enough, the gap between the Google dominance and the share of its competitors is likely to grow more and more in the coming times.

I have personally never seen a full-page ad of Google or any such Internet giant, in the Indian papers as far as I can recall. Yahoo is certainly trying to come up with a good and unique idea with the full-page ad thing, perhaps more such stuff will be seen. I use, “The Telegraph” and am looking foreword to see such an advertisement in it too.

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