Yahoo Meme – Twitter like service by Yahoo

When Google was trying buy digg, yahoo launched “yahoo buzz”, now that Google is trying to buy twitter, yahoo launched “yahoo meme”. Looks like yahoo has pretty firm business strategies, build what you can’t buy and sell out that dosenot makes money. Twitter is a success and so is micro blogging, but how much popular yahoo meme will be, is something only time will say. For now, it is an invitation only service, kind of a beta thing.

After your invitation is accepted, that is, you get to use the yahoo meme, you can edit your avatar and add some information about yourself and do all those stuff like adding music and videos etc. Once you have done all that, go straight away to post and repost entries, something that we do all day long on twitter.

Currently its invite only, and we do not know when it will open up for beta testers, but from what it looks like, it will have a lot of features like twitter, for example trends, which will be called meme here. Am looking foreword to my invitation, once I have it, I will further update this post. In the mean time if any of you readers know more about it, then just post in the comments and share your knowledge.

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3 comments on “Yahoo Meme – Twitter like service by Yahoo
  1. acnetreatmentsguy says:

    i really love to use Twitter. i was addicted to Blogging before the birth of Twitter. Now i am addicted to Twitter.

  2. melatoninTechy says:

    i just love Twittering compared to blogging. i was a blog addict and now i am a Twitter addict.

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