Yahoo Shut Down SpotM – India based private Social Networking Site

Yahoo had started a social networking site about a year back, for the Indian higher Teens audience, which is age 16 to 24. SpotM never came out of its private beta and is now being shut down by yahoo. Recently yahoo has been closing down a lot of websites, like geocities, yahoo360 and now this one.

Yahoo has recently started Meme, which looks like a twitter kind of website. Perhaps this could be a reason for closing down of SpotM. It looks like yahoo wants to re-organize its assets and close down the non-performing or “out of plan” websites. Though, some decision of yahoo where it close down successful sites is something which is not understandable. I will write more on Yahoo Meme in another post.

Indian social niche is mainly dominated by orkut, which is closely competed by facebook and some others. Yahoo though has its plans to roll out a strong website into this niche, however SpotM is not the one in yahoo thinktank’s plans.

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