Pocket CDs Are Perfect For Travel

Pocket CD-R

Slip it into a pocket; store it in a box on the desk or throw a pack in the dash compartment of the car and have a variety of data and music available, instantly. Just three inches in diameter, this multi-color, mini pocket disc provides the same Verbatim CD-R quality as his big brother the 120 mm CD-R, but offers customers compact storage, convenience and quality sound.

Storage and Formatting

The portable, 21min/185mb storage capacity, leaves none of the waste of the larger disc. With a variety of colorful discs, the pocket CD-R is compatible with CD drives up to 32-x speed, recording up to 3 hours of compressed audio. It is compatible with mp3 formatting. Dictate meeting minutes with compressed audio, create digital video clips, or organize your schedule while traveling to and from appointments.

Maintain Memories in Small Bits

These technologically advanced digital-manila folders carry large amounts of information or music in small, easy-to-access mini CD-R technology. Cataloging all those birthday parties, holiday celebrations and family get-togethers, the pocket CD-R slides into the camera and stores in a wallet, eyeglass case, or paper clip holder, just as easily. Avoid editing CD’s, or scribbling all over the cases to separate work from play. Remove the clutter from the office with the pocket CD-R that is small enough to store in the desktop pen caddy.

The Business Card That Lasts

Create a business card pocket CD-R that will not break the bank. Load the card with graphics, digital video clips for sales merchandising and provide customers with a compressed audio sales or project prospectus with the push of a button. It fits easily into a laptop disc drive, allowing customers to access business information, phone numbers, email and site addresses from the little disc that stores in the wallet.

Similar in concept to the small, 33-rpm music record of the 50’s and 60’s; this little powerhouse fits in digital cameras, burns from a laptop and loads into a standard CD player. When traveling, it can be difficult to sift through standard size CD t’s. The larger CD-R has its place but for small bits of data the mini disc is bet. With the pocket CD-R anyone can load a resume, individual projects and favorite music on convenient, 21 min. disc of storage-muscle that manages music, resumes, graphics and digital video clips for office or school presentation.

Separate Work and Play

It has never been so easy to show grandmother and grandfather the “G-rated” sections of the family vacation. The pocket Verbatim CD-R offers separate storage for those slightly “R-rated” photos that remind friends of great times on the last Las Vegas vacation. With the 120 mm/700mb CD-R, information can be difficult to compress and track. The large disc cases are lost or scratched, easily. The pocket CD-R stores anywhere, easily, decreasing the scratch and damage risk. Before the mini CD-R there was no way to store smaller bits of data or music without filling your desk, back seat or shelves with the large, shiny, discs of early compact disc technology. The pocket CD-R is a cost effective and convenient technological advance that travels well, stores easily and fits almost anywhere.

Nancy Artesia recently graduated with a degree in Journalism, and she is now working as a regular freelance writer, covering topics such as media, technology, and business.

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Finest 5 Antivirus Software of 2011

The quality of good software is that it offers you more and bothers you less. There is nothing more bothering than a virus running havoc through your system. The antivirus software’s on offer do appear as big help signs but are quite commonly not. Often they are not equipped enough to deal with the massive onslaught of malware on your system that look like virus but can’t be deleted with your antivirus system. Read more ›

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Digital Picture Frames: Uses in a School Setting

Though many people use digital picture frames in their homes, they have many practical applications as well. Businesses, for example, have been using them for years to advertise and to display images for upcoming events. Additionally, many teachers and school administrators can find a number of uses for these devices.

Using Digital Picture Frames in the Administrative Office

Most grade schools have a main office, and this is a great place to display a digital picture frame. It is very easy to find a nice frame for around $30 or $40, so this does not have to be a large expense. Administrators can load the frame with photos of the students and various school events and activities. The students will like seeing photos of themselves and their school, and the visiting parents will like seeing them as well.

Administrators can use the digital picture frame outside of the office as well. For example, it can be displayed at nearly every school event. It can be displayed at the ticket booth or table. Back to school night (or parent’s night) is another great time to display the frame. Many private schools give tours of the school, and many of them have admissions departments to screen prospective students. Digital picture frames are a great way to show off the students and the school to prospective students and their families.

Using Digital Picture Frames in the Library

Librarians and computer teachers can use these frames as well. Many libraries receive new books on a periodic basis, and librarians can use these frames to display their new arrivals. They can either find cover images online, or you can take photos of the new books when they arrive. They can also use the frame to display popular books, reading assignments, or summer reading books. Computer teachers can use the frames as well. They can use them to display new computer programs or games that their students will be using or playing.

Using Digital Picture Frames with the Performing Arts

Digital picture frames are great tools for performing arts teachers, and art teachers, theater teachers, and choir teachers can use them. Art teachers, for example, can use these frames to display famous works of art. If an art class is studying Van Gogh then the teacher can load the frame with photos of his most famous works. When the students move onto the next unit, the teacher can update the photos. Additionally, he or she can use one of these frames to display the student’s art.

A theater teacher can use a digital picture frame to show off photos of the most recent performance. This is a great way to inspire students. Teachers can use these frames at parent’s night to show parents what their children have done or to show them examples of what their children will be doing later in the year. Digital picture frames can be used throughout any school, and they can be used by teachers and administrators alike.

This article is about “Digital Picture Frames: Uses in a School Setting” and was supplied by Nix Digital Picture Frames

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4 Mistakes New Bloggers Make

If you’re interested in starting a blog, first check out this post on ’10 Things to do Before Making a Blog‘ and then have a look at these top mistakes new bloggers make. After all, you want to make sure you do everything right as you embark on your new blogging journey. Don’t fall in the trap that others fall into; Read more ›

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What Gets You Working? – Some Ways to Fuel Your Productivity Fire

Whether you are a student or you’re currently employed, you are doubtlessly aware that lack of productivity can severely drain your sense of fulfillment at work. No one can say honestly that they always enjoy working or studying, but at the end of the day, if you’ve really thrown yourself into whatever task you have to complete – whether it’s fixing a gadget or developing a software program – you’ll feel good about yourself. Read more ›

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Body copy for marketing emails

Everything on an email should encourage the reader to click through to finalise the deal. The headline, the headings and all the graphics should concentrate on that. Anything else is a distraction. How can the copy help?

An appreciation of the fact that if a recipient goes on to read the body of text on an email it has failed will show you the direction to take when considering what to include. It is like a long stop in cricket, there to snare the ones who sneaked through.

If they get as far as the copy the reader is interested but not convinced. You might think overwhelming them with masses of detail might be best but take care.

You must give them the information they require. Too little and they will not read, to much and they will close the email. It is a balance.

The first essential of direct email marketing is to explain the offer. If it is, for instance, a golfing holiday, then point out the most saleable features: the courses, the professional, the weather. If it is the other type of course, one where you are taught something useful, then give the prospectus or, if you have a celebrity facilitator, name them.

Go on to explain in more detail the benefits of the product: faster delivery, better detail, unrivalled reliability. If it scored nearly 100% in some review, say so.

But there is always a but. You must do this in just a few sentences. The optimum is two under each headline. If the product has a technical side then provide a hotlink to a specifications page, the sort of things that even those who click through do not fully understand. Keep it out of the email proper.

All marketing emails should be a whole so finalise the offer by giving a closing summary. Build it up, perhaps by saying that they will not be able to find similar quality at such a reasonable price elsewhere. Remember that although still interested the reader has not conformed to your intentions. Many suggest some kind of signature. You know the make-up of your email list best so the decision is down to you.

If they still want to read on then you are in trouble. However, it costs nothing to have an overview of the offer and its benefits: a précis just in case.

All that remains is for the information that you must include to comply with the law, such as your company details and the method of unsubscribing.

Some take this opportunity to include their full privacy statement but this is not required. Include a hotlink to it with some reassuring text. Tell them that not only do you comply with all the provisions of the law but go further.

In email marketing the copy requirements are unique. You hope it will not be read. Indeed if it is then there is something wrong with the rest of the email. However, if it is precise and targeted anyone who reads that far is still available. Go get them.

About the author: Breanna Cameron is a freelance author who has vast knowledge in email marketing and email lists. For more information on email marketing, please visit: http://www.wizemail.co.uk

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Top 3 Reasons to Get a Better Battery

There are so many great things about the various gadgets we use these days that many of us have become dependent on them to survive our daily lives. Once you have a laptop, not a day goes by when you don’t pop it open to check your email, browse through photos or play a game. With a smart phone, even five seconds of downtime on the bus or at a meal is enough to check Facebook or send a text. But with so much dependence on gadgets, we put ourselves in the position to become crippled by them. Read more ›

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HP Reports that it is not just a Tablet Market Leader

In a not very typical manner for HP, the European top executive Eric Cador of Hewlett-Packard announced that the upcoming release of the TouchPad, a wannabe competitor to the Apple iPad, will highly surpass the sales numbers of the competition and not only become number one, but better than that, number one plus. While most readers will probably find this to be a humorous remark by a very challenged and overworked individual, others find this to be a slap in the face of the own, otherwise reputable company. Read more ›

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Bebook Ereaders Review

The designers of Bebook E-readers like the Bebook Neo and the Bebook Club understand that ereaders are not a one-size-fits-all proposition and consumers benefit! Those are just 2 of their popular ebook readers that offer something for everyone.  Let’s take a look at the top features of each in this Bebook Ereaders review. Read more ›

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5 Great Tips to Consider before you Select a Mobile Broadband Provider

Mobile broadband has enjoyed a recent explosion. The plethora of free laptop deals advertised on the high street shows that telecommunications carriers consider mobile broadband to be central to the future of online access. If you’re new to the idea of mobile broadband, here are some questions you need to answer before you decide what package to get.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband

Source – dmcl

Pay As You Go (PAYG) or Contract?

Is this your main connection to the internet, or are you looking for an occasional connection when you’re on the road?

Main source → Contract

Filler → PAYG

Contract mobile broadband packages give you a faster connection speed and a higher data allowance than the prepaid counterpart. If the dongle is receiving a poor signal in your location, you have a ‘cooling off period’, that allows for refunds. You will also be eligible for any laptop deals the carrier has on offer.

PAYG comes in two varieties: pay per block of time – day, week, month – or pay per chunk of data and use at will.

Why shouldn’t I make PAYG my main source?

If you’re a light user who only checks emails, but isn’t interested in social networking or watching TV online, then PAYG as a main source is a good idea. Bear in mind that the more you use, the more you will pay and the internet can be an addictive beast.

Data Limit

It’s all about the data. Users are charged by the megabyte and those who exceed their limits are likely to face extra charges. It’s exactly the same as exceeding your free monthly minutes on your mobile phone. Data limits currently range from 0.1GB to 25GB. When deciding on the size of your monthly limit, it’s useful to consider what sites you visit most frequently. Will you watch TV online? Will you download music? If the answer is yes, you’ll quickly rack up the bytes.

Free laptops or tablets.

“Free laptop” deals are all over the high street. They work by building the price of the laptop or tablet into the cost of the line rental, so it’s more of a hire purchase arrangement. Some deals ask for a small payment upfront, reducing the line rental slightly, but you’re still paying the same amount whichever way you cut the cake.


Do you intend to use the dongle outside the UK? If yes, then bear in mind that roaming is extremely expensive, even with the €50 (approx £45) EU cap in place. Look at the roaming packages offered by your chosen carrier in Europe and the rest of the world. If you have a PAYG dongle, not all carriers will activate it for international roaming and those who do charge hefty prices.

Length of contract

Most mobile broadband contracts last for 24 months and if you are purchasing in store, there’s no room for negotiation. Look around online; there are some shorter contracts available with internet dealers.

If you’re considering using the same carrier for mobile broadband and mobile phone, it might be worthwhile calling them to negotiate a bespoke deal, especially if your mobile phone contract is approaching renewal.

Remember, mobile communications carriers are looking to make the maximum out of you, so look to negotiate the most for your money.

Once you’ve answered these questions for yourself, there are plenty of price comparison sites that will show you what the market offers.

About the guest author – Marie-Paule Graham writes for Broadband Genie and Mobile Phone Genie, the independent comparison websites for broadband and mobile phones such as the HTC Salsa.

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